Samsung Releases The Android Lollipop 5.02 Update For The Samsung Galaxy Tab

Starting with France, Samsung has released the latest Android Lollipop update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab series tablets. According to NDTV Gadgets, Samsung India reports the roll out of 5.0 for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5.

Installing the new update is as simple as going to the menu in the tablet, clicking the settings tab, then the about device tab, and finally the software update tab. It is recommended that your Samsung Galaxy Tab be charged at least 50 percent before installing the update. There are two ways to install the update: over the air or using the Samsung Kies software updating tool.

International Business Times offers a simple installation guide with tips for installing the Android Lollipop updates on your Samsung Galaxy Tab. For those looking for a more secure version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung has teamed with Blackberry to create the Secure Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab brings a whole host of new features for Samsung Galaxy Tab users that include:

  • A new material design – a new look and feel to the device that includes fluid applications, new system and application themes, colors, and widgets.
  • A new notification systems that allows users to prioritize how they receive notifications for their messages. Notifications appear on the lock screen now, and users may easily swipe notifications to clear them. When notifications are dismissed from one device, they are cleared from all devices, allowing users to sync all their devices including the Samsung Galaxy Tab.
  • Priority interruptions allow users to receive only the notifications they want from reminders, events, calls, and messages.
  • The redesigned Overview, previously called the Recents, allows users to switch among various tasks on their Samsung Galaxy Tab. This includes such features as Gmail, as well as all tabs in Chrome, and Chrome tabs are now listed as separate items.
  • The smarter internet connection feature allows users to make sure that their Samsung Galaxy Tab is connected to a verified internet connection. This insures that any connections on voice chat apps users may use are maintained.

For those who have other devices or cellphones instead of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the rollout will occur when the cellphone service chooses to roll out the update. It is best to contact the respective carrier for further information to find out when the update is available. The Android Lollipop 5.02 update is one of the most significant updates rolled out in recent history, and it contains many changes to enhance users’ experience.

The video below gives a brief overview of the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s new features in action.

[Photo Credit Samsung]