Police Buy Funeral Plots To Keep Josh Powell Away From Murdered Sons

Washington State police officers have used their own money and money donated to a Crimestoppers fund to purchase all of the cemetery plots next to 7-year-old Charlie and 5-year-old Braden, the two boys who were axed to death by father Josh Powell before he killed himself in a house explosion.

The young boys were buried this week and the officers were afraid that Powell’s family who was shopping for a funeral plot in the cemetery would purchase a spot next to the murdered boys.

After police went ahead with their plans to purchase all available plots next to the boys the family of Josh Powell then found a plot 25 feet away from the young boys’ final resting place. According to a police spokesman:

“We might not be able to keep Josh Powell from being buried in the cemetery, but we can keep him away from the boys. Bottom line is, it’s not fair for murder victims to have the murder suspect laid to rest next to them. It’s hurtful to the community and dishonors the boys.”

Attorney Anne Bremner, who represents Susan Powell’s parents announced the temporary restraining order that blocked the funeral plot sale while adding:

“For him to be buried near those kids is just unthinkable. For God’s sake, for them to lose Susan first, and then the boys, and now this? Just give these people a break.”

Do you think the cemetery should move forward with plans to sell Josh Powell’s parents a cemetery plot that’s located just 25 feet away from the very young boys he murdered?

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