‘The Walking Dead’: It’s Their World, We’re Just Living In It [Spoilers]

In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, “Try”, viewers are treated to trust issues, unlikely fears, and the walkers with the ‘W’ on their heads are back again. Warning: there will be spoilers for the episode of “Try” to follow, as well as a few comic spoilers.

For almost the whole second half of the fifth season of The Walking Dead, the survivors have been trying to make the Alexandria safe zone home while fans of the comic have been waiting for certain characters to show up, namely The Saviors, led by Negan. Even though Walking Dead series creator Robert Kirkman said not to expect them anytime soon, will the last episode in the series, set to air next week, give viewers a glimpse of them?

The Walking Dead Michonne

This episode was heavy in storytelling, covering various aspects of the group of survivors. Glenn is still reeling from Noah’s gruesome death, and it is obvious that Nicholas is singing a very different tune to Deanna when questioned about the incident. When she reviews the taped confession, it seems like she might not believe Nicholas, but with what Gabriel said to her last episode about the group not being stable, it’s clear that she is beginning to believe that they are a threat. Rick doesn’t make it any better when he approaches her with intent to kill Pete if he doesn’t leave Jessie alone.

While all this drama is going on inside the walls of Alexandria, Enid sneaks off with Carl in tow and they have a heart to heart, despite their realization that they are both scared of one another and opening up. Either way, it is good to see Carl spending time with someone his own age and even though there are dangers outside the walls, it seems the two can handle themselves when they need to.

“It’s their world, we’re just living in it.”

The most important part about this episode, however, was the discovery of a woman tied naked to a tree, left to be devoured by nearby walkers. Aaron and Daryl see her after finding two severed arms and legs in the woods, and the tied woman has the mysterious ‘W’ on her forehead. Many fans considered that maybe the ‘W’ is actually an ‘M’ for Morgan, but it is doubtful that he would do something as sick as tying someone up alive to be consumed by walkers. The viewers still don’t get their answer as to who exactly is marking them or taking torsos, but it may become clear in the final 90 minutes of the Walking Dead finale.

The survivors will be pitted against one another and the residents of Alexandria after they find Pete and Rick strangling one another in the middle of the street following an altercation over Jessie. Michonne steps in to knock Rick out, knowing he may say or do something stupid if given the chance. Michonne hasn’t shown off her leadership abilities since the beginning of the second half of the Walking Dead, but it seems that she has stepped up and taken responsibility for Rick, but whether it was for their protection or the residents of Alexandria, her motives remain unknown.

The final episode of the Walking Dead seems to promise more drama between the warring groups and the eventual arrival of Morgan; will he be able to convince the community that Rick is not a threat and has saved his life, or will a common enemy unite the two groups to work together? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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