‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Do Daryl Dixon And Aaron See Morgan?

The Walking Dead season finale is just days away, and this week’s episode seems to be setting the stage for an action-packed finale full of confrontations, conflict, and, of course, death. In tomorrow night’s “Try,” viewers will see that there’s plenty of trouble lurking inside and outside Alexandria’s walls. Before you read on, be forewarned that major spoilers are ahead.

The Walking Dead’s newest dynamic duo, Daryl Dixon and his new friend, Aaron, will head out on another run together. According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, Aaron will tell Daryl that there seems to be a lot more walkers around than there used to be (is this a hint that the massive zombie herd from the comic books is coming?). Daryl will notice a light in the distance, signifying that there’s also a living person (or living people) nearby. The most obvious source of the light would be the mysterious gang of Wolves that are roaming the countryside and carving W’s on the foreheads of walkers (or the doomed living). However, there’s also a chance that Morgan Jones is the source of the light. You can see Daryl Dixon spotting the mysterious light in The Walking Dead promo below.

Maybe the light is a reference to the speech that Father Gabriel gave during last week’s episode of The Walking Dead. The backstabbing priest tried to convince Deanna that Rick Grimes’ group was composed of nothing but evil people, even though they saved his life.

“Satan disguises himself as the angel of light,” he warned Deanna.

Father Gabriel was obviously referring to Rick Grimes, but maybe the writers were hinting that whoever is holding the light outside is the real danger. Many Walking Dead fans expect Morgan to be one of the good guys whenever he finally reappears, but what if he’s not? What if he’s actually joined the Wolves and is helping them “clear” the world by tearing walkers apart, limb from limb?

While talking to ET Online about the season finale, Norman Reedus hinted that one character won’t turn out to be who they first seem to be.

“There’s something that’s going to happen — and I can’t tell you what it is — but somebody turns out to be not who you think they are, and it’s an interesting turn of events,” Reedus told ET Online.

Maybe Norman was referencing Morgan Jones. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman revealed that the show has “big plans” for Lennie James’ beloved character, so hopefully he’ll make an appearance in the season finale.

The Spoiling Dead Fans posted a full summary of tomorrow night’s episode, and there’s no mention of Morgan or the identity of whoever is holding that light. This means that viewers will have to wait until the season finale to find out if it’s a bad omen.

The Inquisitr previously shared some detailed spoilers for “Try,” and fans will be happy to know that no one will die. However, The Walking Dead never gets a long vacation from death, and a lot of characters will want to kill other characters by the end of tonight’s episode. Fans already know that Carol wants to kill Jessie’s abusive husband Pete, and Rick will find himself feeling the same way. After Pete finds out that Rick is trying to help Jessie get out of her abusive relationship, Pete will also want to kill Rick.

The Pete/Rick showdown is a big story that will spill over into the season finale, but there’s another Alexandrian who might have murder on his mind. Nicholas, the rat-faced runner who is responsible for Noah’s death, will lie to Deanna about what went down during the run that also killed her son. He’ll try to claim that he was the hero who was trying to save Aiden while the others wanted to split. Nicholas will also be shown digging up a buried gun, so perhaps he’s the one who raided Rick’s blender stash. Maybe he wants to kill Glenn, Tara, and Eugene to protect his cowardly secret, and maybe one of these characters will become a season finale casualty.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. Now that you know a bit about the next-to-last episode of Season 5, what would you like to see go down during the season finale?

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