Woman Reaches Under Her Bed For Her Cats, Touches Human Skin

It’s the stuff that horror movies are made of. A 61-year-old Florida woman was merely sticking a hand under her bed to look for her two cats, but instead of feeling cat fur, she felt human skin. That human skin was on the arm of 25-year-old Christian Vatovec, a man who had entered the home in Palm Springs with nefarious purposes. According to Zillow, homes in the area are valued at approximately $150,000 to $167,000 or more, and apparently the man who entered one of the homes felt it was the perfect place to steal some items from the home.

Palm Springs police reported that the incident, which occurred on Tuesday, came to their attention after folks in the area called the cops on Vatovec, who had allegedly been knocking on doors in the area — presumably to see who would answer and ascertain if the residence was empty or not. The woman’s neighbor, however, watched Vatovec walk to the back of the home, reports the Sun Sentinel.

After Vatovec entered the home and hid underneath the bed, the Palm Springs woman’s touch sent him running out of the house, careening over a fence and running in a westerly direction toward a location called Henthorne Drive. The under-the-bed thief wasn’t able to get completely away, however, and police apprehended Vatovec near a canal, reports KRMG. Authorities were able to cart Vatovec back to the home, wherein the victim was able to peg him as the thief who’d entered her home and removed a gold ankle bracelet and digital camera.

Due to the theft and his attempts to run away from the police, Vatovec’s charges include grand theft — due to the value of the items stolen — burglary, and resisting arrest. At Palm Beach County Jail, the man who made news for hiding under a bed remained in lieu of $53,000 bail.

Vatovec isn’t the only thief who has been found in an odd location or doing odd things during their crime spree, such as when a Kansas woman caught a thief eating cookie dough in her kitchen, as reported by the Inquisitr, when Wichita Police explained the strange actions.

Videos like the above one from West Palm Beach News, titled “Police: Woman finds burglar hiding under her bed,” reinforce how frightening it must’ve been to experience the stuff that nightmares are made of in real life.

[Image via mug shot]

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