One Direction’s Bad Luck In South East Asia Will Get Worse Soon

Can we all just take a minute to say that One Direction’s tour in South East Asia over the past couple of weeks has been rather — unlucky? What has happened to One Direction? Is this just a bump in the road? Could part of the problem be that One Direction’s tour manager quit last November? Sadly, each member of One Direction has had some sort of bad luck since they left England to tour South East Asia on March 10 — and they will have more negative energy waiting for them in Jakarta on March 25.

Of course, this is not the first time One Direction has had some bad luck on tour. For example, the Mirror reports that when they were in Austria in 2013, Louis Tomlinson suddenly lost his voice.

However, this recent bout of unfortunate events has left One Direction reeling — and it appears from the news about Jakarta that it is only going to get worse. The most popular news about One Direction negativity is Louis Tomlinson reportedly breaking up with his girlfriend Eleanor Calder, according to E! Online.

In addition, Zayn Malik announced he was leaving the One Direction tour before their Philippines shows on March 21 and 22. Some One Direction gossip experts say it was because of a fight with his girlfriend. The Wall Street Journal said that Zayn Malik was leaving One Direction to go back to England because of “stress.”

Louis Tomlinson was also under a lot of stress because he was left behind with One Direction to deal with Philippine Drug Authorities by himself. According to the Independent, the Filipino government was particularly upset with Zayn and Louis because they were caught smoking marijuana on video in the past.

The government wanted police to hover over both of them the whole time One Direction was in the Philippines, demanded Zayn and Louis each pay $5000 before they could perform, and wanted a drug test from all of them. Talk about not feeling very welcome!

As for Harry Styles, the Christian Post reports that he has had a lonely heart at this junction of the One Direction world tour. The last news on his love life is that he was courting Nadine Leopold — and then the news went radio silent. During One Direction’s tour, news flared up again that Harry Styles might get back together with Taylor Swift. While that is not bad news about One Direction — the fact Harry might have had some heartbreak with Nadine Leopold to get over is definitely negative energy in some form.

As for Liam Payne, the press is yet again not being very supportive of him. When he was in Bangkok, Thailand, with One Direction, reporters were nagging him about how he is “drinking too much,” when really it is a matter of opinion.

Actually, it seems that Niall Horan is the least negatively affected by all the recent One Direction bad luck. Unreality TV stated that after Zayn left, Niall took time away from One Direction to enjoy the ocean near Hong Kong. Could it also be that maybe he inherited good luck from fully celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a huge playlist?

No matter which reason members of One Direction have for having good or bad luck, the fact remains that there are still a couple of dates left in this South East Asia tour for One Direction — and there is no word if Zayn Malik will return anytime soon. That alone could be bad luck and extra stress for all of One Direction.

To make matters worse, there is a boiling pot of hate waiting for One Direction once they get to Jakarta, Indonesia, for shows on March 25. Although One Direction booked the show last April, the Wall Street Journal says Jakarta soccer fans are furious that the stadium they prefer might not be available to play an Asia Cup 2015 playoff game. Soccer fans will have to relocate to a stadium hundreds of miles away, and they are taking it out on One Direction in the form of hate tweets and organizing against them at the government level to get the concert canceled.

Is it just me, or does it kind of sound like it is awful to be One Direction right now?

Hopefully, with or without Zayn, the band will have a blast performing in South Africa when their South East Asia tour concludes. While Zayn Malik quitting the One Direction tour has caused panic for the people of Dubai, they are still looking forward to welcoming the band on April 4 before they return to England.

On that note, I look forward to seeing if One Direction will keep their tour date in Dubai — and find their positive energy is fully restored in the form of getting to party in luxury with the poetry and horse-loving princes of the United Arab Emirates like Drake did.

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