Niece Waidhofer Puts Her Busty Chest & Booty On Display In Flirty New Pic

On Friday night, Niece Waidhofer treated her loyal social media fanbase to a sexy snap of herself lying on her bed with her bust and booty on display. The model wore a green T-shirt that revealed her bust and her behind. For the new Instagram upload, Niece focused the camera on her face and chest, ensuring that her admirers got a stunning visual of both her plunging cleavage and her shapely rear end.

By stretching her arms out in front of her and focusing on her body from the front, Niece managed to capture the majority of her curvy figure. Her 1.8 million Instagram followers could see straight down her top as her breasts bulged out of the confines of her thin shirt.

It appeared she was not wearing anything below her waist, as her rear end looked bare, but due to the camera angle, the 29-year-old managed to keep the picture from being flagged by the Instagram censors.

The brunette wore her dark hair in a tight ponytail, allowing her side bangs to hang loose and frame her face. It looked like she was wearing her signature makeup, including mascara, eyeliner, and some foundation. She also seemed to have groomed her eyebrows into high arches to frame her startling blue eyes.

Niece's geotag indicated that she photographed herself from her home in Houston, Texas, where she has taken many pictures before.

In her caption, Niece joked that she was aware that the vignette filter she chose did not hide her roots, adding that she tried to mask them with mascara. She added a reference to her boobs -- in case her followers were too distracted by her discolored hair to notice.

Dozens of her fans flocked to her comments section to compliment Niece, and many of them disagreed with her about her roots looking bad. Several people also wrote that they appreciated her honesty and sense of humor. Within two hours of posting, her post racked up more than 32,600 likes.

"Blonde brunette black Platinum it don't really matter that face is still gorgeous no matter what you do," assured one fan.

"You look absolutely breathtaking beautiful in any filter," gushed another admirer.

"Still pretty....grown out roots and all," wrote a third devotee.

"Stop worrying about what people think/say and just be your amazing, goofy, nerdy, and sexy self. They dont like it? F*ck em," chimed in a fourth commenter.

On Wednesday, Niece dressed in racy red lingerie and a matching choker. The photo earned her over 131,500 likes.