Nicole Morlan: Mom Facing Charges For Cheering Daughter On During Violent School Fight

There’s no doubt that most children will be involved in some form of physical altercation at some point in their lives, because school fights and disagreements are quite common. However, it is uncommon for a parent to cheer their child on during a fight.

According to Metro, an Albuquerque, New Mexico, mother identified as Nicole Morlan was caught on camera doing just that. The 26-second video was uploaded to YouTube on March 19. Of course, most teenagers immediately began filming with their cell phones whenever a fight breaks out. However, the video that has surfaced online shows much more than two teenage girls fighting.

At one point, the camera moves from the actual fight to capture the mother cheering her daughter on. Based on the footage, she makes absolutely no effort to diffuse the altercation or stop her daughter from fighting. Since the mother didn’t try to break up the fight, a teacher stepped in. Unfortunately, the teacher was taken down to the ground while attempting to resolve the fight.

Now, it has been reported that the mother is going to be held responsible for her careless actions. According to KOAT, Morlan has been arrested and she now faces charges for her involvement in the horrific fight. She is reportedly facing “two felony charges and a single count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.”

Then, to make matters worse, she could actually end up behind bars with a $3,000 fine if convicted. Surprisingly, the pending charges have sparked quite a debate via KRQE-13. While most readers admitted that the mother’s actions were highly immature, some feel the charges are a bit extreme since she was not physically involved in the fight.

“Sometimes people need to get the crapped knocked out of them who knows what those chics were doing to each other prior to this fight. Maybe the moms daughter was being harassed and the daughter needed to kick the crap out of the other girl. There is more to this story.”

“The Mother clearly was in the wrong, you do not stand there cheering your Daughter on. What does that teach her daughter. Yes she should be charged with something. Shame on all of you who think this is OK, That is what is wrong with things right now, People feel they can do what they want.”

“Wait a minute, it doesn’t look like the mom was even present during the start of the fight and the fight was stopped by that brave, overworked and underpaid teacher before mom could do much of anything anyway. Even charging this woman is a stretch and seems more of a reaction to the video than anything else.”

“Justice isn’t served by prosecuting this mom at all. Justice is being exploited in this case.”

Do you think the mother should be convicted for encouraging her daughter to fight? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Albuquerque Police Department ]

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