Manhattan Millionaire Institutionalized After Spending Millions On Strange Items

Businessman Ed Bazinet made a fortune for himself by selling ceramic figurines but that fortune was chipped away quick drastically recently when Bazinet began spending millions of dollars on trinkets during a trip to the New York International Gift Fair.

The millionaire shocked vendors when he started snatching up various items including ice-cream scoops, scented sachets and Scandinavian barbeque tools.

Realizing that Bazinet wasn’t acting like himself he was admitted to a mental facility but not before spending $20 million in New York and a previous $39.4 million for similar products at a trade show in Paris.

Designer Nima Oberoi told the New York Post that the collector handed over a credit card and ordered $200,000 worth of Oberoi’s cake platters and serving items before she finally cut him off. Eventually the designer wouldn’t let him order any more items because:

“My antenna went up — he wasn’t looking at prices, and he was giving insane unit numbers. He didn’t ask questions about the products,” said Oberoi.

“I feel awful for him; there was clearly something going on.”

From another vendor the millionaire purchased $1.6 million in soap, sachets and clothes hanger covers.

Spokeswoman Katherine Roepke is refusing to comment about Ed Bazinet’s mental state. In the meantime a Minnesota hardware supplier delivered three large boxes to the millionaires Manhattan apartment on Tuesday.

It will be interesting to see if the orders are fulfilled or if tons of credit card chargebacks are on the way.

Here’s one of Ed’s most famous figuring collections known as the “Snow Baby Collection.”

Do you think vendors at the event should have taken a moment to determine if the man placing odd orders was mentally stable enough to realize what they were doing?

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