WWE News: Model Amber Rose And NBA Champion Possibly Conspiring With Longtime Star For ‘WrestleMania 31’

There is already a good bit of controversy leading up to WWE WrestleMania 31 and it’s less than a week away now. A lot of people still have no idea what Brock Lesnar is going to end up doing, but now there’s even more news coming out as the show is only seven days away. Controversial model Amber Rose and an NBA champion are stirring up a lot of talk with a longtime WWE star, and may show up in California next week.

Amber Rose is no stranger to controversy and she seems to have befriended one of the most controversial superstars in wrestling history in Goldust.

On Saturday evening, Rose posted a picture on Instagram that showed her photoshopped as “Rosedust.”

Goldust Amber Rose

It was posted to Twitter as well, and Goldust then started getting a little bit more involved. Then, all of a sudden, retired basketball star and NBA champion Tracy Murray joined in on things to stir them up some more.

Immediately, Amber Rose was on board with the whole thing. amber rose wrestlemania 31

Goldust has been retweeting all of these and not really responding to them whatsoever. While he’s not responding, it is interesting that he’s playing into all of it, and well, WrestleMania 31 is the spot for the big celebrities to come out to play.

WrestleZone pointed out that Amber Rose is not only the ex-girlfriend of Kanye West, but also Wiz Khalifa. The very same Wiz Khalifa who just recently performed on and was the guest host of Monday Night Raw.

It was originally thought that Goldust would end up taking on his brother Stardust (Cody Rhodes) at the big event, but the “Bizzare one” will be in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Stardust is a part of the huge ladder match for the Intercontinental Title.

wrestlemania 31 ladder match

Rumors have been swirling that retirement is nearing for Goldust and it could happen after WrestleMania 31. He has since denied those rumors and said he’s going to wrestle until he’s dead, but sometimes, things change.

There have been a number of big-time celebrities show up at WrestleMania in the past, and it wouldn’t be out of place for more to come to WWE this year. At least the seeds are now planted for Goldust to have an entourage of Amber Rose and Tracy Murray lead him down to the ring for perhaps one last big showing.

[Images via WWE/Instagram]