Rey Mysterio Must Ponder Retirement After AAA Return Ends In Tragedy

Beloved luchador El Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Jr. died due to a whiplash effect in a match that highlighted the return of former WWE superstar Rey Mysterio. The news comes according to Bleacher Report, via F4W Online’s Mike Coughlin.

The Mexican superstar and son of legendary wrestler Perro Aguayo, Sr., was whipped into the ropes, where his neck apparently snapped backwards, rendering Aguayo Jr. somewhat lifeless in the ring.

As the match continued on, Rey Mysterio delivered a dropkick to Aguayo, Jr.’s back, while looking to set up his signature “619” maneuver. After striking with his move, both he and his tag team partner, TNA star Mannix, both kept looking at their fallen foe. Things were noticeably wrong after it appeared that the wrestling veteran of 20 years was not moving.

After the match, Perro Aguayo, Jr. was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead soon after.

Rey Mysterio’s return to AAA and the Mexican wrestling circuit was supposed to be a triumphant one. Instead, it has ended in tragedy. As fans mourn the death of a wrestling icon, the authorities are considering legal, and perhaps criminal ramifications.

The Inquisitr’s Jon Fisher reports that Perro’s death is being investigated for manslaughter. Rey Mysterio and Mannix may be held liable in some capacity, even if it is only for financial penalties. Will either of them be the same?

While reflecting on the death Aguayo, Jr., one cannot help but wonder about how the other wrestlers are coping with the loss.

Aguayo is not the first wrestler to die, or be tragically injured before, during or after a match. The biggest name that comes to mind is former WWE superstar Owen Hart.

Many recall his accident in 1999 where he fell and died into the ring during his introduction where he was to enter from dozens of feet in the air. Many of the wrestlers were devastated.

Another tragedy to shake the wrestling world, one that did not happen inside the arena, was the muder-suicide of Chris Benoit and his family. His story was well-documented as a double murder-suicide, where he killed his wife and his child before taking his own life. It happened just hours before the Vengeance: Night of Champions pay-per-view, rocking the WWE. Many of his closest friends were left with befuddling emotions.

Many inside of the locker room questioned whether or not the PPV should go on as planned. The WWE continued on with their show, but it was clear that the superstars’ hearts were not into it.

Rey Mysterio was one of the wrestlers scheduled to perform that night. He was visibly sullen and full of grief. That was nearly eight years ago and now he has to cope with the in-ring death of Aguayo, Jr. Mysterio, 40, may begin to rethink his desires of wrestling. His AAA return came just weeks after he was released from his WWE contract. At age 40, is it time to hang up the mask?

His skills and abilities have eroded because of age and injuries. There are also some whispers regarding performance enhancing usage, per Sports and Health via Somewhere, Mysterio has to be asking himself if he should continue doing what he loves to do.

There is no report that Rey Mysterio is contemplating retirement, but he should. After his celebrated AAA return turned tragic, retirement after reflecting on the worst thing to happen to him inside the ring must be an option.

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