Shia LaBeouf May Have Charges Dropped if He Can Manage To Behave For 6 Months [Video]

American actor Shia LaBeouf recently stood before a New York judge who said that he would allow pending charges against Labeouf to be dropped if the actor can manage to not get arrested in the next six months.

Back in June of 2014, LaBeouf was arrested at a showing of the musical Cabaret. LaBeouf had the following to say about the rather unique arrest.

LaBeouf, pleaded guilty in September of 2013 to the charge of disorderly conduct related to his alcohol induced Caberet outburst. As he admitted in the his interview with Jimmy Kimmel, LaBeouf has had issues in the past with the over usage of alcohol.

Part of the deal struck between LaBeouf and the New York Judicial system, allowing LaBeouf to avoid jail time, was that LaBeouf would complete three months of treatment in his resident state of California, then continue on with a pattern of good behavior for another several months after. Following his time before the New York judge, Representatives of LaBeouf have stated that the actor has received treatment for his issues with alcohol.

Daily News reported of the Friday court preceding, that New York prosecutors handling LaBeouf’s case stated that LaBeouf had complied with the orders for mandatory treatment. Furthermore, the prosecutors also informed the court that LaBeouf had not been arrested since September of 2013.

For any readers not previously acquainted with LaBeouf’s career, it is worth noting that the actor first came on the public scene as a child via his Disney Channel show Even Stevens. As with a score of other previous Disney child stars, LaBeouf continued on from his Disney days encircled in a swarm of peculiarity. From appearing in public in formal attire with a bag over his head, to doing LSD for a movie role, to publicly announcing that he had been raped by a woman.

LaBeouf’s obvious flair for the odd has continued as of late. Most pertinent to this article, LaBeouf appeared before the New York court sporting his new preference in style – a rat tail haircut and a handle-bar eye brow piercing. Despite LaBeouf’s less-than-reverent appearance, the New York Judge presiding over the hearing, reaffirmed LaBeouf’s improved legal standing stating that,

“As long as you [LaBeouf] stay out of trouble for… six months from today, this case will be dismissed and sealed.”

So now the question of importance, as far as LaBeouf is concerned, is can LaBeouf stay out of legal turmoil for the next six months, or will LaBeouf find himself before another judge facing official punishment for yet another stunt?

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