Bully Son Speaks Out About Father’s Epic Punishment, Admits He Was Wrong And Learned From His Mistakes

Timothy Robenhorst recently made headlines after punishing his son for being a bully. As previously reported on Inquisitr, details about the epic punishment were shared on Facebook and it didn’t take long for the father’s creative punishment to go viral on the social media network. Most of the details were initially shared by Timothy, but now his son, Kayden Robenhorst, is speaking out about the ordeal.

Apparently, the lesson was effective because Kayden was able to identify his wrongful actions and state what he learned from the grueling punishment. He also apologized to the bullied victim he’d tormented at school. Although Timothy would have preferred his son’s apology take place in front of his entire class, school officials felt a private setting was more befitting. He also shared his reaction to the overwhelming support he’s received via social media from other concerned parents. He’s definitely pleased that others agree with his approach to effective parenting, reports Daily Mail.

Spelling it out: Timothy Robenhorst was shocked to heard his son, Kayden, had been bullying somebody at school - so devised the above punishment for him

“It was stupid of me – I saw a kid and said a stupid, random comment,” Kayden admitted. “When he found up, he woke me up at 3:30 in the morning, and he sat me down on the couch. And when I didn’t come up with a good enough excuse to save my butt, I told the truth. He made me do 50 knuckle push-ups, run a mile, then come back and do incline push-ups. And I’m still not done. ‘I think it’s a really good punishment – I learned my lesson and he’s a good dad for doing it.'”

“He actually has said ‘Thank you, I deserved that, I understand it was wrong.’ I believe he also apologized to the child another time the other day,” Robenhorst said. “He didn’t question his punishment — he had a look on his face, you can see he wasn’t very happy when he was getting his picture taken — but it’s been successful. And seeing it go around the way it’s been going around — I would do anything to put this out there and say -Hey, don’t let your child get away with this crap.’ Even small bullying can turn into something big.”

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