Doris Spann Argoe: South Carolina Wife Arrested For Gunning Down Isle Of Palms Hubby Johnathan Argoe In Fatal Shooting

Doris Spann Argoe has been arrested and charged with the fatal shooting of her husband, Johnathan Argoe, in their South Carolina home. Authorities say the Isle of Palms woman gunned down her husband using a handgun while the couple argued on Saturday night, according to the Post And Courier.

ABC News-4 is reporting that at around 4:15 p.m. on Saturday, law enforcement officials were called out to the home, where they found a man on the floor suffering from a gunshot wound to the side. The victim, who was identified as 53-year old Johnathan Argoe, was rushed to the local hospital, where he died that evening.

When they questioned Doris Spann Argoe about the events that led up to the shooting, she told investigators that she grabbed the gun for protection as they argued, then used a knife to cut herself in order to fake self-defense.

Doris Spann Argoe was taken into custody and placed in the Charleston County jail. She is being held without bond. Isle of Palms, South Carolina, is an affluent community where residents enjoy beautiful sandy beaches, nice restaurants, and lavish beachfront properties. It has a population of just over 4,000 (at last count in 2010). It is not an area known for crime.

Because of the Isle of Palms exclusivity, many residents outside the area are expressing shock over this level of violence in “that” community. Here are some of their social media comments.

“Isle of Palms? What the hell is really going on.”

“I can see a Lifetime movie being made in a couple years”

“Goes to show you crime is everywhere.”

” I’m gonna guess $ is involved if they lived on isle of palms. Just saying!”

“Wow Isle of Palms has its share of crazies, too”

Some believe that Doris Argoe concocted the story to cover over her crime. Others believe that it is possible that she could have been trying to defend herself, and that what goes on behind closed doors—even in nice neighborhoods—isn’t always what one might believe.

“none of us know anything that happened other than what we are told.. Innocent until proven guilty..”

“no one knows what that man was doing or did to her…even the ppl that claim to know them you don’t know what goes on behind close doors…she didn’t kill him for nothing…but it’s really sad”

Please check back as we continue to update this case.

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