Woman Has Huge Bot Fly And Egg Removed From Her Swollen Lip, Footage Goes Viral [Video]

One woman mysteriously suffered severe lip swelling that only grew worse over time. The health scare was quite alarming because she had absolutely no idea what could have caused such pain. So, she decided to take a trip to the doctor. However, she quickly learned what she was experiencing wasn’t a normal case of lip swelling.

According to Braincy, the woman’s lip had swelled because of a bot fly. Apparently, one had entered her lip and laid eggs. The larvae from the eggs began growing inside the woman’s lip. So, as the bug continued to develop, the woman’s lip slowly began swelling. Doctors took immediate actions to remove the bugs. Now, footage of the disgusting, cringe-worthy video of the removal has gone viral on YouTube.

The quick one-minute video begins with a brief display of the woman’s humongous lip. It doesn’t take long for the doctor to begin tugging at her lip in an effort to slowly remove the seemingly large bot fly. After about a minute, the doctor is able to pull the fly from her lip. Then, he shows the worm in the camera.

Most have wondered why the woman didn’t seek medical attention sooner, as the bug could have laid the eggs days prior. But, luckily it has been removed. Her condition would have only gotten worse with time. Bot flies are known to lay eggs under skin in living bodies – mostly mammals. Once the eggs have developed, they hatch and maggots begin eating at everything around the area. This is why the swelling occurred.

[Image via YouTube]