Watch Dog Jasper Get Excited To Reunite With Owner, Seemingly Recreates The Moment Seconds Later [Video]

Jasper, a one-year-old dog, was reunited with his owner thanks to a microchip, and the reunion was so thrilling for him that he seemingly tried to recreate the moment a second time. Jasper had been missing from the home that he shared with a man 100 miles away from the Heath Veterinary Clinic in West Sussex since September of last year. A woman, Wendy Jones, had purchased the dog (who is now presumed to have been originally stolen) and had been taking care of him for the past three months.

When Jasper, a dog of the Whippet breed, was taken to the Hurstpierpoint clinic on March 12, a veterinarian examined him and found a microchip, according to Heath Veterinary Clinic’s YouTube blurb. Micheal Ford, the dog’s original companion, was on the microchip registry as the dog’s owner and was promptly notified. Ford dropped everything to travel the 100 miles to be reunited with his dog, Jasper, thrilled that he had been found safe, according to The London Evening Standard.

“We honestly thought that we’d never see Jasper again and cannot thank Wendy and Heath Vets enough. We thought he had been stolen but had no proof, now we know the truth.”

In this heartwarming video, Jasper is clearly elated to see Ford again. Suddenly, he runs down the hall. An onlooker suggests that maybe Jasper is looking for a toy. Then, it seems, Jasper tries to relive the moment when he was reunited with Michael just one more time as he comes barreling down the hall and back into his friend’s arms.

Another adorable reunion was reported by Inquisitr after a cat, coincidentally also named Jasper, seemed to be unwilling to stop hugging his best friend, a dog named Bow-Z, after they found each other again.

Microchipping dogs allows lost and stolen pets to be reunited with their companion humans, just like Jasper was. According to Ohio State University’s Research News, when a dog is microchipped, like Jasper, he is two-and-a-half times more likely to be reunited with his loved one. Linda Lord, a veterinary assistant professor at OSU, claims microchips perform even better than animal shelter employees once believed.

“We found that shelters did much better than they thought they did at returning animals with microchips to their owners.”

Still, microchipping has its limitations, Lord explained.

“In the study, the biggest reason owners couldn’t be found was because of an incorrect or disconnected phone number in the registration database. The chip is only as good as my ability as a pet owner to keep my information up to date in the registry.”

Thankfully for Jasper, his beloved companion Micheal registered the dog’s chip properly.

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the original companions for over seven-out-of-ten microchipped pets are reached once a microchip is detected. Sadly, of those owners that are contacted, over a quarter of them don’t want to be reunited with their pets. That makes Jasper and Michael’s reunion that much more exciting. While the dog certainly didn’t realize that so many owners give up on their furry friends, knowing how loved Jasper felt by Micheal makes the reunion (and the repeat-reunion a moment later) that much more heartwarming.

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