One Direction Fans Show Ugly Side Of Obsession As Zayn Malik Quits Tour

It is extremely unlikely that anyone has missed the fact that Zayn Malik has flown home from One Direction’s tour suffering from stress. Zayn has left the tour after photographs of him holding hands and cuddling with a woman outside a nightclub emerged on social media. Zayn later took to social media to proclaim his innocence and state his love for his fiance, 21-year-old Little Mix star Perrie Edwards.

Many One Direction fans were distraught when a spokesperson announced that Zayn Malik was quitting the On the Road Again tour and was flying home to recover.

“Zayn has signed off with stress and is flying back to the UK to recuperate, the band wish him well and will continue with their performances in Manila and Jakarta.”

After his arrival in the UK, Zayn Malik returned to the home he shares with fiance Perrie, who was photographed leaving the house with a large overnight bag some hours later.

Back in Manila, Zayn’s bandmates, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan, took to the stage without him. Zayn’s pals shared his singing parts between them. According to the Mirror, the foursome introduced themselves to fans using their first names, and some fans thought this was because they are not One Direction without Zayn Malik.

The Independent has reported that a number of mental health experts have praised Zayn Malik for publicly admitting that he needed time off to cope with the pressure he was under. Dr. Georgina M. Hosang, an expert in stress and depression, explained some of the pressures that Zayn Malik faces.

“Being a celebrity, particularly a music artist, is a demanding career path which often requires long days, high productivity and media scrutiny. Lack of sleep and being subject to public criticism is likely to impact on one’s mood and self-esteem.”

Another expert, Dr. Sandi Mann, explained that it is difficult to admit that you are not coping, especially if you are in the public eye.

“It is also harder to admit you are not coping, it is hard for anyone to admit that, but when you are such a public figure, you know that the intense interest that such an admission will generate will be massive.”

In recent months, reports in the Inquisitr praised One Direction fans when they raised large sums of money for charities supported by Zayn Malik and Harry Styles in honor of the stars’ birthdays. There is, however, a darker side to some of One Direction fans. Some Australian fans shouted abuse at Niall Horan and some sent abusive messages to his rumored new girlfriend.

Judging by the report in the Northwich Guardian, some One Direction fans would be well advised to question their own reaction to Zayn Malik returning home from the tour. One fan says on Twitter that she will kill herself if Zayn does not return to the tour.

Another fan threatened to kill those who have reported the stories that have made Zayn Malik stressed.

Other fans cite Zayn as their only source of happiness.

Zayn Malik’s fans would do well to remember that One Direction are just a pop group. They would also do well to remember that it is their obsession that has indirectly led to Zayn Malik’s illness. Zayn, like any young man, needs his privacy and some space to live his life. As Zayn Malik recovers from his stress-related illness, now is the time to give him both.

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