Justin Bieber Egging Victim Reportedly Demanded $1 Million Before New Lawsuit

Justin Bieber’s ex-neighbor reportedly demanded $1 million from the star and threatened to file a lawsuit if it was not paid, after previously receiving court-ordered restitution when his house was egged by the singer in January 2014.

On July 10, 2014, Bieber was court ordered to pay Jeffrey Schwartz and his wife Suzanne $80,900 damages after egging their house in Calabasas, California. The Canadian has to obey plea deal terms such as staying away from the Schwartzes home for two years, two years probation, attending anger management classes and completing community service, after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor vandalism charge.

Despite Bieber moving on from his former home in Calabasas and paying out restitution, Jeffrey reportedly wanted more money and gave the singer a $1 million ultimatum under threat of being sued.

Citing sources, TMZ reports Jeffrey claims his reputation as an online auto industry leader was left in tatters after he became known as the man whose house was egged by Bieber. Schwartz reportedly believes the incident damaged the career he built up over 20 years in car sales media software.

According to Linkedin, Schwartz was the vice president of The Walt Disney Company from January 1995 to September 1999, before working for auto firms. These include: Autoweb, Autobytel Inc., Autocentro, eforce Media, Mota Motors, and present company SureSale. In some cases, Schwartz’s employment as either director, founder, CEO or President, lasted just four months. In other cases, he was employed for years.

TMZ reports Bieber’s camp refused to pay $1 million to Jeffrey.

The Schwartzes filed a civil lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court against Bieber on Thursday, March 19, 2015.

In their lawsuit, the Schwartzes mentioned Bieber’s egging of their house and the damage caused as well as a string of allegations. Jeffrey alleges Bieber spat at him and threatened to “f—–g kill him” on March 27, 2013, after he went to the singer’s then home in Calabasas to complain about the Biebs allegedly speeding his Ferrari around the area.

At the time, TMZ reported sources close to the superstar denied the spitting allegation and threatening Schwartz, but affirmed that the neighbor had confronted the Biebs.

Fast forward to May 2013, it is alleged that some of the Biebs’ crew yelled obscenities and threats at Suzanne and the couple’s minor daughter as they encountered each other close to the main gate of the Calabasas neighborhood, which is an entry-exit point for the gated enclave.

Over Memorial Day weekend that same month and year, the lawsuit alleges Schwartz and a friend walked over to Bieber’s home after allegedly seeing the star race by in his Ferrari. Jeffrey alleges Bieber’s bodyguards came outside, and that one of them called Schwartz a “little Jew boy,” before repeatedly saying, “What are you going to do about it, Jew boy?”

In addition to alleging that Bieber or his house-sitting pals held wild parties, the Schwartz suit alleges the singer drove recklessly around the area and used marijuana. The couple claim they and their children were subject to “constant harassment” by Bieber’s entourage, fans and the media, CNN reports.

TMZ claims the singer’s camp reportedly disputes much of what the Schwartzes allege in their lawsuit. The Schwartzes are seeking over $25,000 in damages and a jury trial.

Jeffrey Schwartz
(Photo: Auto executive Jeff Schwartz reportedly demanded $1 million from Justin Bieber after claiming he has suffered a loss of reputation in his career after the singer egged his house in January 2014. He has also made other allegations.)

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