Justin Bieber And Emmy Rossum Are New Neighbors But She’s Already Over It

Justin Bieber and Emmy Rossum are new neighbors, but she’s already over it.

The 28-year-old Shameless star invited herself over to the Biebs’ new Beverly Hills house to say “Hi, welcome to the neighborhood” after the superstar moved in. She may have also wanted a nose around too. Either way, it was an unannounced visit, which the actress will not be repeating.

Speaking on SiriusXM’s “Sway in the Morning” earlier this week, Rossum explained why.

Justin Bieber just moved into the house next door to me,” said Rossum to her co-hosts.

“He’s my new next door neighbor. I went over to kind of offer him a neighborly hello — and I’m not going to do that again, because he has, like, a ton of bodyguards there, and they’re really scary.”

Scary bodyguards? Understandable why she would want to stay away. Although to be fair to the Biebs, how many times a day do you think his security — who probably didn’t know who Rossum is — have to turn away female fans insisting they need to say “hi”?

So, picture it. Rossum is outside Bieber’s home trying to convince his bodyguards that she really is a neighbor and not a stalker. According to Rossum, at this point, there’s no sign of the Canadian.

However, she told the show that it wasn’t long before the 21-year-old pulled up outside his own home. In his own Bentley, and rapping to himself. Kanye West and Jay Z’s “N****S In Paris,” as it happens.

See the video below for the actress’ less-than-complimentary impression of Bieber.

USA Today notes Rossum doesn’t believe Bieber actually saw her. And it has to be said, it doesn’t sound like he did from her retelling. Which makes her next rant a bit mean, really.

“I saw him,” declared Rossum. “He pulled up in his Bentley and just went inside,” she went on, seemingly implying that Bieber did something wrong because he returned to his home, while listening to a song, before walking inside.

Emmy elaborated, “He was actually rapping [“N****s In Paris”] as he got out of the car… It was so surreal to me that I was like, ‘I’m not going to go ask for a cup of sugar over there.'”

It’s hard to know whether Rossum is more annoyed that Bieber’s security apparently didn’t recognize her, or that the singer didn’t see her, or an objection to the Biebs’ amateur flow.

Asked whether she saw herself getting a neighbor invite to any of the Biebs’ future parties, Rossum was dismissive.

“No. I don’t think he’s going to invite me,” she deadpanned back. “I think I’m too old for his demo. Like, I’m 28. I think he wants young girls,” she slammed, likening 21-year-old Bieber to Hugh Hefner.

Chiming in, Sway asked if Rossum is single. She replied no. Sway then said that was most likely why she wouldn’t get an invitation to a Bieber party. To which, Rossum responded, “I don’t think [he] cares if a girl has a boyfriend, by the way…” She added, “I don’t think that’s a pre-requisite for partying with Bieber.”

In short: Emmy Rossum and Justin Bieber won’t be hanging out any time soon. To think: If she had simply called first, they might have hit it off.


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