Justin Bieber Talks Comedy Central Roast Apology: Fame ‘Went To My Head’

Justin Bieber didn’t only flirt up a storm with Madonna and play “Never Have I Ever” while appearing on Wednesday’s edition of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He also elaborated on his apology at the end of his recent Comedy Central roast and admitted he previously let fame “go to his head” and acted like a “jerk” in the past.

The 21-year-old singer marked his milestone birthday, amid ongoing apologies that began in January, by signing up for a brutal roast by a starry dais that included, the roast master Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy, Martha Stewart, and more.

Opening up for the first time about the roast, Bieber remarked, “What a birthday present!” DeGeneres then asked him about the heartfelt apology he made at the end of the taping.

“I was just talking about it being a new chapter for me and saying that I’m sorry for the stuff that I’ve done,” Justin explained to the popular host.

The penitent singer insisted, “It’s not like, I’m not searching for people’s approval, but I just want people to know that that’s not me and I was doing stuff that wasn’t me.”

He continued, “A lot of times we pretend so that we can fit in, and then we end up looking like a douche bag and that was kind of me.”

Ellen then interjected that Justin said at his roast that he became famous at the age of 12. Picking up the thread, he admitted, “I really didn’t know how to handle it and it went to my head. I had to let people pull me down to see the truth and to see how much of a jerk I was being.”

“Now I just want people to know that like this is me,” the two-time Grammy nominee said. “I’m just a genuine person who has fun and I wasn’t trying to — I just wasn’t trying to be a jerk.”

Ellen noted that he was young when the success and a “whole bunch of money” exploded into his life. The Biebs agreed, “There was no way of preparing me for it, you know.”

To which, Ellen told him, “That’s why I love you, because you’re actually a really good guy and you’re trying very hard to put all that behind you.”

Justin’s appearance on the show wasn’t all heavy-going. Being day three of DeGeneres’s Madonna Week, he got to meet the veteran star.

The Canadian played a seriously revelatory and steamy game of “Never Have I Ever” with Madonna and Ellen, during which the singers revealed they had a lot in common — albeit Madge was a lot further along in some areas.

After Ellen reminded Madonna that the youngest guy she has ever gone out with was 22, and that Justin was only a year away from that, the older singer quipped to the heartthrob, “We can sit here for a year and wait. We could talk to each other.”

Justin said “I’m down” (not entirely convincingly) and asked the 56-year-old icon, “So 22 is, like, the lowest you’ll go?”

“Honestly, I have no limit,” Madonna replied, adding, “That looks 22” when a picture of his recent Men’s Health cover was shown on a large screen.

The Biebs then touched his T-shirt covered chest and said “That’s what underneath here,” with a smile.

His seemingly very interested superstar sofa companion replied “Under the sheriff’s shirt,” then noted in a cougar-liket tone,”On the outside he’s 21, on the inside he’s 22.”

Madonna set the tone for what happened next by asking Ellen if she and the Biebs could spank each other with the paddles they were handed.

During their game of “Never Have I Ever,” Madonna and Ellen revealed they’d had phone sex. Justin indicated he had not.

Amid audience howls, the “Living For Love” songstress ribbed the heartthrob, telling him, “You liar. Really?” Both women seemed amazed that the former “bad boy” star has never indulged in phone sex, with both exclaiming, “Wow!”

Questions on fooling around with someone in a bathroom during a party, dating siblings, fooling around with someone while another was in the room, and getting intimate with someone and forgetting their name — were all met with affirmatives from Madonna and Justin.

Ellen declared, “Come on! You two are perfect for each other” as the sexual reveals came to a close.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin Bieber and Madonna flirt awkwardly on The Ellen DeGeneres Show )

When the game ended, Madonna enthused to Ellen “Oh, lets do more.” Coyly, she added, “I feel like I’m getting to know my new boyfriend.” At that, Justin moved closer to Madonna on the sofa and hugged her.

Ellen then offered Madge the opportunity to make up her own question. The Grand Dame of pop proposed, “Never have I had sex with more than two different people in one day.”

Mercifully, Madonna was the only one whose sign read “I have.”

At some point while backstage, the two singers shared a cute kiss.

Madge Instagrammed and tweeted a pic of the moment, captioned “Backstage kissfrom an #unapologeticb****h ??#rebelheart.”

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin Bieber and Madonna kiss backstage on The Ellen DeGeneres Show which aired Wednesday, March 18)

The Biebs also played a prank during the show and acted out the part of a moody security guard checking arriving studio audience guests.

Justin Bieber
(Photo:Justin Bieber dressed up as a studio security guard on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

After the Tuesday taping, Justin took to Twitter, writing, “@TheEllenShow good seeing you and Tish today on the show) @Madonna it was an honor. Congrats on the new album.”

“Tish” is a reference to a woman he previously pranked on ABC’s hidden-camera comedy show Repeat After Me, which DeGeneres executive produces.

The Material Dowager’s tweeted reply was short and sweet. “@justinbieber The pleasure was mine!!”

You can tune in to watch Justin’s roast when it airs on Comedy Central Monday, March 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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