Mother Used Her Own 1-Year-Old Baby As A Weapon During Street Fight, Police Say

A mother in Australia was arrested after police said she swung her own one-year-old baby around as a weapon during a street fight.

The bizarre incident took place in Alice Springs, where police said the mom grabbed her baby by the ankles and swung it around in an attempt to strike a man she was fighting. Some witnesses said the woman also dropped the baby onto the ground, but police did not confirm these reports.

Although the baby ended up being taken to the hospital, authorities said they do not believe the baby had any serious injuries.

Authorities said the entire situation was depressing.

“It’s not just the physical injury to the baby but the emotional and mental,” said Kidsafe NT chief executive Victoria Pollifrone.

“It’s very important not to judge people placed in situations where stress levels are so high they do irrational things to vulnerable children.

“Women who are victims of domestic violence should seek help from relevant support agencies long before it reaches such a crisis point.”

The Australian mom who used her baby as a weapon in a street fight is not the only parent making headlines for bizarre allegations of child abuse. In Florida, a mother was arrested after posting on Facebook a picture of her 10-year-old son dressed as a girl. The mom reportedly decided to post the humiliating photos as punishment for the boy wetting his bed.

The photos included the boy wearing makeup and a dress, and in one image, the child can be seen with tears streaming down his face.

The boy, who has a documented medical condition, was taken from his mother’s custody and now living with grandmother, Sherry Morden.

“Tears were just pouring from his eyes, and I guess she seemed to think it was OK,” Morden said of the incident. “I told him that it wasn’t his fault and he didn’t deserve it. He shouldn’t be punished for something that is not his fault.”

The Australian mom accused of swinging her baby around as a weapon has been arrested, though police did not say what charges she will face.

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