Groom Fractures Bride’s Skull And Pelvis To Gain Control

A groom went as far as to beat his new bride into submission and a state of unconsciousness at the request of his mother, following the couple’s wedding ceremony. Immediately after the Egyptian newlywed’s wedding, the couple embarked to their home to start a new life.

When the couple arrived at the house, the groom said he slapped his wife three times, but that was only the beginning of the couple’s extremely abusive marital relationship.

According to the groom, his mother told him hitting his wife is a way of controlling her.

According to an Emirates247 report, the unnamed groom briefly explained the most unfortunate circumstance that took place at the newlywed’s honeymoon home.

“My mother said this would help me control my wife through our marital life. She warned me that my brothers are all controlled by their wives because they did not listen to her and hit their brides.”

The bride and groom departed the wedding ceremony, and as soon as they arrived home, the groom followed his mother’s advice. The groom slapped his wife across the face three times.

Of course, the new bride did not take the abuse very well. The new bride fought back, making her future outcome worse for her.

The groom explains what happened next.

“After I slapped her, she hit me back. I then went to the kitchen and brought a metal bar, which I used to hit her on the head and body. My mother told me to hit my wife after the wedding to control her.”

Ultimately, the beaten bride was taken to a hospital in Cairo, Egypt. When her family came to visit her, the bride lay unconscious in her hospital bed, still wearing her wedding dress.

Police officers eventually arrested the groom, charging him with causing severe harm to his wife. The bride suffers a fractured skull and pelvis, according to the police report.

Egyptian weddings are the most important ceremony for Egyptian women. In fact, for thousands of years Egyptian, women have been considered equally to Egyptian men in their culture. However, according to a 2013 poll of gender specialists, out of all of the Arab states, Egypt ranked the worst with regards to women’s rights.

The groom beat his bride, resulting in life-threatening injuries, admission into a hospital, and a state of unconsciousness for this woman.

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