Ron Hunter Breaks Down During Emotional Post-Game Speech, Lights Up Twitter

There’s a reason why the name “Ron Hunter” is gaining so much attention online that it is currently a trending topic on Twitter. That’s because the 50-year-old coach of the Georgia State University Panthers broke down in an emotional post-game speech that has websites like For The Win on USA Today reporting it as a can’t-miss tearful post-game speech, with Hunter graciously stating that the Georgia State players shouldn’t be sad about their loss to Xavier.

“The greatest week of my life.”

Hunter went on to describe how it was an amazing experience for him as a coach and as a father, and that’s when Ron was overcome with emotion that turned his words into tears, and caused him to bury his face in his hands as he reached out to his son, R.J., who also seemed deeply touched by his father’s open display of love for him.

That’s why websites like Deadspin are challenging their readers not to cry when viewing Hunter’s reaction, and why the number of social shares on articles about the event are growing in leaps and bounds.

Ron already went viral, as reported by Yahoo!, when Hunter fell off a chair while celebrating R.J.’s game-winning shot on Thursday against Baylor — a perch he fell from when he sat due to an injury to his Achilles that was torn in a previous GSU game-winning celebration the prior weekend. As expected, that funny clip of Hunter falling in such jubilation brought out plenty of jokes online, and found late night talk show hosts such as Jimmy Fallon comparing Ron’s antics to Jerry Lewis. But more than anything, it’s the public display of love from a proud father to his son that has the social media atmosphere buzzing about Hunter on Saturday.

“I told them not to be sad, what a great week, what an unbelievable week, there’s nothing to be sad about especially for me, I’ll be honest with you, the greatest week of my life, the greatest time I’ve ever had to be a father, doing this with Kevin Ware and the rest of this team, I don’t want these guys to be sad … we helped Georgia State out. Georgia State people know about Georgia State, we’ll be back, we’re gonna get some young guys, it’s not even about that right now. As a coach best time of my life, and as a father … I love this kid, man. I love you.

@CoachKeene: Greatest week of my life. Ron Hunter breaks down during postgame press conference. #Dad1stCoach2nd

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