No, shooting your thumb off isn’t some ‘Prepper’ rite of passage [Video]

There is a small but growing movement in the United States that truly believes that the end of society is just around the corner, Mayan calendar notwithstanding, and they are doing everything they can to be prepared, hence their nickname – ‘preppers’.

As is typical with ‘reality’ television these days this movement has provided perfect fodder as the new television show called “Doomsday Preppers” on the National Geographic channel. What isn’t typical, or at least we would hope it isn’t, is the recent guest prepper on the show, Tim Ralston, who shot off his own thumb while doing some target practice.

As the paramedic Jesse Ellerbee tended the wound Ralston passed out on the ground and remained unresponsive during treatment and while they thought art first that he would lose his thumbs it turns out that Ralston will make a full recovery.

In fact, Tim went on to make a full recovery. The bullet had gouged out the middle part of his thumb, but surgeons were able to reattach the top part. However, he was left with what he described as “a midget digit,” a thumb that was much, much shorter than it used to be.

via Huffington Post

Here is the video of the unlucky event (if for some reason the video is blocked hit the HuffPo link for the video).

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