Ryan Phillippe On Divorce: Actor Shares About Reese Witherspoon Split

Ryan Phillippe’s divorce from Reese Witherspoon happened several years ago, but the actor has now spoken up about the divorce. According to E! Online, the actor sat down for an interview on Larry King Now, and one of the topics the actor discussed was his marriage to Reese Witherspoon.

Ryan and Reese met on the set of Cruel Intentions. Their romance led to marriage, and the couple shares two children together. Ava Phillippe is now 15 years old, and she is attending high school. Deacon Phillippe is 11 years old.

Even though the Hollywood pair ended their marriage, Ryan and Reese have remained close throughout the years. They are even friends, and they spend time together at events involving their two children.

According to Just Jared, Ryan and Reese both recently attended a school function for Deacon. Ryan brought his current girlfriend, but Reese attended the March 8 event solo.

Ryan and Reese are both active on social media, and they do not mind jumping in and interacting with each other on that format either. According to a previous Inquisitr report, Ava Phillippe joined Instagram back in December. One of her first posts on the social media site poked fun at her father’s flare for Christmas decorations. Reese joined in the fun, and Ryan responded to the both of them.

It is clear this couple has not allowed the end of their marriage have a negative impact on their children. In previous interviews, both Reese and Ryan have spoken out about how important it is to raise their children together.

What was behind the split for Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe? The actor revealed his feelings on what was behind the end to his marriage with the blonde actress.

“I think more of the problem was age, you know, when we got together so young. I think it can create issues—two people in this industry—because there’s so much noise that goes around with it.”

Ryan does not pay a lot of attention to the Hollywood “noise” these days though. The actor was asked about being a Hollywood bad boy, and he responded.

“I’m a pretty regular dude. I’m also a pretty dedicated dad and have multiple companies, so there’s not a lot of time for me to be a Hollywood bad boy.”

Right now, Ryan Phillippe has a hot mid-season television series to keep him busy. He is starring in ABC series, Secret and Lies. The plot of the series deals with Ryan’s character being accused of killing a 5-year-old neighbor. He found the boy’s body while out for a run one morning. The series is full of twists, and it is doing well so far on ABC.

Ryan Phillippe has been able to use his Hollywood life for the role as well. The town turns against Phillippe’s character when he becomes the main suspect in the boy’s murder. The media had a lot to do with that, and he knows just how fast the media can change opinion with what he sees happening to Hollywood celebrities.

According to Detroit News, Phillippe spoke up about the media and how they can change people’s opinion in a recent interview.

“A big part of that is the snap judgments that we make and especially in relation to the way things are framed often in the media. The line written about someone in reference to any sort of case is the one that usually stays with people the longest. So I think it’s a notion of the way he’s painted to look by law enforcement and by the media from the outset of the series dictates their reaction and relationship to him. It sort of speaks to those ideas of how judgmental a society we’ve become, and how when something is salacious, it’s kind of presented in a certain way that becomes the truth of the thing whether it is or not.”

Secrets and Lies is set for a 10-episode Season 1. It is not clear if the series will go beyond that. Juliette Lewis, Natalie Martinez, Dan Fogler and Indiana Evans star on the ABC series that is based on an Australian series. Phillippe did not look back at the original series for his current portrayal though.

Phillippe is not a stranger to television roles. He appeared on the soap opera One Life To Live at the start of his career, and he did a 10-episode stint on Damages. However, Secrets and Lies is his biggest television role to date.

What do you think of Ryan’s comments about his marriage to Reese Witherspoon? Were Reese and Ryan a Hollywood couple you wished would have stayed together?

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