‘F*** It, I Quit’ Reporter Charlo Greene’s Alaska Cannabis Club Raided By Police

Charlo Greene will forever be known as the “F*** it, I quit” reporter because of the headline-making manner in which she abruptly quit her KTVA job.

Last Saturday, Greene — whose real name is Charlene Egbe — made news again, this time for the results of her entrepreneurial endeavors, with police in Anchorage serving search warrants due to the alleged reported marijuana sales at her Alaska Cannabis Club.

Warning: Explicit language in the below video showing Greene quitting her job.

Due to receiving reports of illegal cannabis sales, cops recovered marijuana at the location and also seized a Dodge Dakota and a Jeep Liberty on Friday, according to KTUU.

The former reporter claimed that a total of 23 cannabis plants were on the premises, and a plethora of people who hold medical-marijuana cards were at the residence — including five who live there and 10 to 12 cardholders — at the time the warrant was delivered. Greene was free to leave, reports the Alaska Dispatch News?, but decided to remain to inspect the items that the police removed. Greene expressed her disappointment over the process, saying, “I’m not surprised but I am disappointed.”

As when Greene has reportedly given out marijuana in the past, as reported by the Inquisitr, she once again promised that the club would reopen and give away free weed to all of the club’s members. Charlo announced her plans to gain a lawyer and sue the city, because she considers her facility a medical marijuana dispensary, and claims they don’t sell weed. Instead, she says the Alaska Cannabis Club is a place for medical marijuana cardholders to share their wares.

Cops, who dug up marijuana plants, took paraphernalia like bongs and pipes, as well as computers and phones, apparently didn’t see it that way. While voters in the state gave the thumbs up to an Alaskan ballot that made it legal to use weed on a recreational basis, it’s against the law to sell cannabis. No arrests were made in connection with the search warrant seizures from the famous former reporter who gained famed online in such a viral manner.

Greene has been outspoken about her fight to make the use of smoking weed legal — a viewpoint she made clear in her “F*** it, I quit” speech.

[Image via Alaska Dispatch News?]

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