Pippa Middleton’s Television Career Over Already? Disaster Debut Leaves Dream In Tatters

Pippa Middleton’s television career already appears to be in tatters after it was reported that her on camera debut was “cringeworthy.”

Middleton has allegedly been in talks to work with NBC as a special correspondent. However, a source has now told the Daily Mail that Middleton “doesn’t have that breezy, jabbering motormouth quality” to excel in the role though.

Meanwhile friends of the 31-year-old have insisted that Middleton actually turned the job down. They revealed that she didn’t actually want to move to America.

It had previously been alleged that if she took the job at the U.S. television network, she would have been on a salary of $600,000 a year.

However, NBC decided not to proceed with Middleton after they previously made the mistake of hiring Chelsea Clinton as a correspondent. The daughter of former U.S. President Bill Clinton and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton previously worked as a special correspondent for NBC News between 2011 and 2014.

Clinton was allegedly paid an annual salary of $600,000 for her work at NBC, and even though she was widely criticized for her performances her contract was renewed.

Because of the criticism that came their way for hiring and proceeding with Clinton despite her lack of aptitude for television presenting, NBC isn’t likely to progress with Middleton.

Meanwhile, friends of Pippa have insisted that Middleton didn’t actually want to move to America, because then she would be too far away from her boyfriend, Nico Jackson. The 37-year-old currently lives in Geneva, Switzerland, and the pair have been dating since 2012.

Middleton’s screen trial is reportedly incredibly awkward to watch, with one insider calling it “cringe-worthy” while another remarked that she comes across as “a bit grand, awkward and bored, rather than enthusiastic.”

NBC was also put off because Middleton would have demanded first-class flights across the Atlantic, hotels and a variety of other requests in order to take the job.

According to the Daily Beast, one source believes that Pippa’s next step of her career should be to return to party planning, where she previously excelled before she went into journalism.

“It’s awkward for her being in the media as people will always want stuff on the Royals, and her safe responses are boring if understandable. But oligarchs or rich Americans would pay through the nose to have their parties organized by the future Queen’s sister, who organized the party after the Royal wedding.”

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