Duchess Kate Due Date Details And Significance, Plus Will Pippa Middleton Become Royal Baby’s Godparent?

Duchess Kate Middleton’s due date finally is known, after months of speculation and guesswork from local Princess Kate baby watchers. Contradicting all those reports that the baby was due in mid or even early April, Kate herself has said that the baby is due later than expected, reported the Telegraph.

Princess Kate made the unexpected revelation when she was visiting a non-profit organization devoted to children. A volunteer there asked when her baby was due, and the royal mum cheerfully responded, not knowing that her single statement would quickly become headline news.

“I’m due mid-April, to the end of April. Not long to go now,” said the Princess innocently.

But the significance of the possible due dates immediately reverberated throughout England. With the general election scheduled for May 7, Conservatives already are cheering because they currently hold the power. Positive news, such as the birth of a royal offspring, typically is seen as a win for those who are safely in office.

Other potentially significant royal baby arrival dates include April 23, which is St. George’s Day, April 21, which means the baby would share a birthday with the Queen, or even April 29, the date of Princess Kate’s and Prince William’s fourth wedding anniversary.

The volunteer at the children’s center, Christine Osborne, who asked the question starting all the speculation appeared calm.

“I couldn’t resist asking,” confessed the 49-year-old grandmother.

That visit to a children’s center is part of Duchess Kate’s ongoing volunteer focus on helping children in need, as the Inquisitr reported.

Even though she’s eight months pregnant and has had bouts of severe morning sickness, Kate has continued to find ways to reach out to those who are vulnerable. In particular, she’s offered support for children with mental health issues and low-income families, even filming a rare public service announcement against bullying, shown below.

In addition to satisfying public cravings for Princess Kate’s due date, the royal rumor mill has begun to churn out potential godparents for little Prince George’s new baby sister or brother, reported Hello.

Prince William, formally known as the Duke of Cambridge, and Duchess Kate can’t be casual about selecting godparents. Although Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton might make for good press, for example, and her mother Carole, known by some as Sexy Granny, might love to be a godparent, royalty is required to observe proper protocol.

With five to 10 godparents for each baby prince or princess, Duchess Kate and Prince William have a royalty of riches from which to choose. William himself had six, as did Prince Harry. Their father, Prince Charles, had eight godparents.

However, although tradition is clear, requiring royal godparents such as kings and duchesses, Pippa and Carole Middleton just might have a chance. That’s because Kate and William already ignored the princely protocol and selected family and friends to serve as Prince George’s godparents.

The little boy’s godparents included Kate’s friends, William’s friends, a former employee close to the family, one of Prince William’s closest cousins, and a friend of Princess Diana’s.

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