Mitt Romney’s “Good Enough” Strategy is Starting to Backfire

Mitt Romney is finding that he actually has to work for a living these days. He has had a solid campaign strategy up until now. Walk the middle of the line on as many issues as he can. Call himself a conservative but offer no evidence to back it up. Make his lack of experience and familiarity with Washington a strength and destroy any Non-Romney that happens to come along.

For a while it worked. When Rick Perry got in the race it was simple, hammer him on immigration and his insider status. Offer no alternative plans that can be picked apart and watch Perry fall apart. The strategy worked because Perry did a great job of helping him along by being a complete oaf on the campaign trail.

Then he had a problem with Newt Gingrich. Gingrich appealed to the crowd that was willing to overlook his transgressions and support his policies. Unfortunately Newt Gingrich is still Newt Gingrich and he is just disliked enough among Republicans that his candidacy was never really going to take off.

Now Romney has problem with Rick Santorum. Santorum wants to go after Romney on the issues, and Romney is terrified. You see Romney is not really a conservative. He is only a conservative when it suits him. He is loaded with votes when he was governor of Massachusetts showing his lack of conservative credentials. Santorum wants a piece of Romney. he wants Romney to explain why he voted for a healthcare overhaul in Massachusetts that is identical to Obamacare. His explanation that is was right for Massachusetts and wrong for the country sounds ridiculous.

It also sounds ridiculous to hear Romney talk about how he has no experience “not even one day” in Washington and try to put that off as a strength. The biggest argument republicans have against Obama is that he is inexperienced, and he had some Washington experience.

No Romney is going to have to stand on his own two feet in order to beat Santorum. He is going to have to explain to America why it is ok for him to hide his wealth in tax shelters, pay less in taxes than most Americans, happily talk about how he doesn’t like the poor and even more he is going to have to show America who he is. He just knows no one will like him when he does.

Do you think Mitt Romney can beat Rick Santorum in the race or that he is just a giant tool?>

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