Watch These Two Dachshunds Play Cops And Robbers! [Video]

Cops and Robbers has been a kid favorite for decades. Children get the thrilling adventure of being both the hero and the villain (because as you know, turns must be taken.) So what happens when two dachshunds take on the roles of officer versus thief?

Pure cuteness happens. Crusoe, who is named after Robison Crusoe and proclaimed Celebrity Dachshund, took on the roll of the Cop. His outfit consisted of the classic police hat and a car. Yes, a car his owners fashioned out of cardboard.

His buddy, Oakley, also a dachshund, played the robber. Though I am not sure how well he liked being chased by the car wearing Crusoe.

The addition of the lights and sirens, even if they are added in post-production, are pretty impressive. I wonder how many takes it took to get the perfect shot. Regardless, it looks like these two dachshunds were having lots of fun!

On the pup’s website, fans learns a little about how Crusoe became a celebrity.

“It was shortly into my first year of life that I had my first debut on television for winning ‘best trick’ at an annual wiener dog event. After that, my life snowballed into that of a renowned international celebrity. On that topic, I also love snowballs.”

Since then, the loveable dachshund has been the star of his own reality show on YouTube. Some of his adventure include skiing and cooking. The little dachshund is also a well-traveler, having spent some time in both the U.S. and Canada. He even takes on crime as a masked hero.

Nanananananana Batdog!
Nanananananan Batdog!

Shhh. I won’t tell his secret if you don’t. We can’t have the canine supervillains know who Batdog really is.

Crusoe is not the only dachshund to make the news. Back in January, Rami, a dachshund/pitbull mix, was quite the celebrity of his own. The rare mix, often called a designer breed, produced a pup with a small, short legged but bulky frame. While a bit strange, Rami might have just as cute as Crusoe and Oakley.

Have you heard of Crusoe the celebrity dachshund before? Will you be waiting for more adventures from this sporty pup?

[Photo via YouTube Screenshot]

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