Fox News Contributor Blames Servicewomen and Feminists for Rape [Video]

Fox News contributor Liz Trotta is taking some heat (and rightfully so) for comments she made on the station the other night blaming feminists and servicewomen for the increase in rape charges among the military.

She didn’t just make a casual reference either. She basically said that if women were never allowed into the military, a plan advocated by liberal feminists, there would be no instances of rape in the military.

She told Fox News,

“I think they have actually discovered there is a difference between men and women. And the sexual abuse report says that there has been, since 2006, a 64% increase in violent sexual assaults. Now, what did they expect? These people are in close contact, the whole airing of this issue has never been done by Congress, it’s strictly been a question of pressure from the feminists.”

She also told the channel that feminists were asking for way too much money for sexual abuse prevention programs in the military. She told the newscaster that military members are not supposed to be concerned with protecting themselves but they should be concerned about protecting the country from national security threats instead.

She criticized the feminists for wanting to be warriors and victims at the same time.

It is ironic that at a time when conservatives are trying to reclaim the White House they can’t seems to stop putting these lunatics on the television and the airwaves reminding Americans about why they should be very scared of the Tea Party Movement. Fox News is no stranger to these ridiculous claims either. just last year a fox news contributor suggested that rape was the fault of video games.

Do you think Liz Trotta is right that service women are responsible for it themselves if they get raped?

Watch the interview where Liz Trotta makes these ridiculous statements.

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