Malachy The Pekingese Wins The Westminster Dog Competition [Video]

Malachy, the bobbing little Pekingese dog who captured the hearts of those watching the Westminster Kennel CLub dog show Wednesday night has walked away with the “Best In Show” award.

His Handler David Fitzpatrick said to reporters,

“He saved all his energy for the ring today,”

This is Malachy’s 115th Best In Show title in various worldwide dog shows.

The champion at Westminster does not win a cash prize, just a silver victory trophy. It doesn’t really matter though because the prestige of winning makes owners rich off of the breeding potential of the dogs.

More than 2,000 purebred dogs were entered overall in the competition.

Malachy had some tough competition from a Dalmatian, German shepherd, Doberman pinscher, Irish setter, a Kerry blue terrier and wire-haired dachshund.This year the Westminster Kennel Club recognized 6 new breeds into the competition.

Malachy is not your typical winner for these types of competitions because the dog walks with a cute bounce instead of a dignified stride. This is usually one of the judging criteria. Even if Malachy lost out on points for the stride his overwhelming victory came in him acing the rest of the competition.

Malachy was completely oblivious to his win when filmed backstage. He was relaxed and looked like he wanted to go into the backyard to play.

Hi Owner, David Fitzpatrick said this was going to be Malachy’s last competition. He is going to go back to their Pennsylvania ranch and live out his days in pampered retirement.

“He’ll probably chase squirrels and he’ll be pampered,”

Are you interested in these types of competitions?

Watch some backstage footage of Malachy

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