Nude Woman Leads Police on a Slow-Speed Car Chase [Video]

I guess there is no shortage of weird things in today’s news. Tuesday, Taylor Burnham of Corpus Christi Texas, was leaning against her Jeep completely naked except for her cowboy boots. The police approached her and asked her to step away from the vehicle.

Burnham panicked and jumped in the Jeep and flew away at a dizzying 30 Miles Per Hour. She made it about 1.5 miles away from the scene with the cops in tow before she drove up on a sidewalk and crashed. Police ran up to the Jeep and threw blankets over Burnham so she wouldn’t be further embarrassed.

The Smoking Gun notes that “a police report offers no insight as to why she was driving while naked.”

Police arrested Burnham and charged her with leaving the scene and driving while intoxicated.

It seems as if there are a lot of stories these days about strange drunk drivers. just last week a police officer pulled up to a car in a Wal-Mart parking lot to the site of an obviously intoxicated man in the passenger seat and his dog in the drivers seat.

He told officers that the dog was his designated driver and he understood that he was in no condition to drive. Police charged his with driving while intoxicated anyway.

In another case a man was arrested for driving a zamboni drunk while working at an ice skating rink.

Do you think that Taylor Burnham is going to be really embarrassed in the morning when she wakes up and realizes that her naked drunk driving expedition is not only plastered all over the new but has gone viral on the internet as well?

Watch the news report about Taylor Burnham

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