Is Charlie Sheen Coming To ‘The Walking Dead’?

Could Charlie Sheen, one of Hollywood’s most infamous bad boys, be cast as Negan, The Walking Dead’s own bad boy? That’s what the creator of The Walking Dead would like to know, too. Robert Kirkman, the man responsible for creating the The Walking Dead, even went as far as to make an openly public request to Sheen through The Hollywood Reporter.

It wasn’t just an idle request either.

“Charlie call us, we we will totally make that happen. We’ll do whatever you want.”

It doesn’t get any plainer than that. It seems Charlie only need to respond and the part is his for the taking, but would Mr. Sheen and The Walking Dead be a good fit? We all know Sheen’s past. Charlie’s been called out in the media and amongst his own circle for illicit love affairs, substance abuse, and, of course, that outspoken manner that got him fired from Two And A Half Men so recently.

Charlie is pretty bad, but bad enough to play The Walking Dead‘s Negan? For those that haven’t been fans of The Walking Dead, Negan is most accurately described as ruthless, and Movie Pilot reports that he’s the most anticipated character to make it from the comic book version of The Walking Dead to AMC’s undead hit show.

Neegan is the former leader of a band of survivors called the Saviors, a position he used to manipulate surrounding communities into paying tributes and to subjugate anyone that crossed his path. Ultimately, those communities formed an alliance to combat the Saviors, resulting in Negan being incarcerated for life.

The Walking Dead has been in a kind of a rut in recent episodes and though diehard fans remain loyal, a resurgence of energy is needed to keep The Walking Dead on top of its game. Kirkman feels that a new character is just what’s needed at this juncture to liven up The Walking Dead for long-time fans, as well as newcomers.

Charlie Sheen is known for his comedic roles, but, as many may have forgotten, there was a time when Mr. Sheen was serious dramatic actor, starring in such classics as Red Dawn, Wall Street, and The Arrival to name just a few of his more serious roles. Bringing Charlie and The Walking Dead together could be just the thing to revitalize Charlie Sheen’s career, as well as The Walking Dead‘s fifth season.

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