Sahray Barber Found Safe But Why Did She Disappear?

Where was Sahray Barber over the course of her disappearance? It’s been nearly two weeks since anyone had seen or heard from the missing woman, but she finally made contact with her father, after she says she saw a picture of herself on a news broadcast. Artnet News reports that the missing art student has been reunited with her family, bringing an end to at least the search element in her case. Many questions remain, however, about the circumstances surrounding her disappearances.

There may be charges associated with her case, though. Witnesses have reportedly been dishonest with detectives over the course of the case, which may have led people to believe that Sahray Barber had fallen victim to foul play. A San Bernardino Police spokesperson spoke to the media regarding the direction of this case.

“There are several questions that will need to be answered in the coming days as investigators in this case were given conflicting information from several people who were directly related to the investigation.”

The Fresno Bee reports that Sahray was found at a shelter in Los Angeles after she called her father. Now police say that more questions have stemmed from her miraculous reappearance after vanishing for nearly two entire weeks. It’s also been revealed that the two former persons of interest may face charges for intentionally misleading detectives while they searched for Barber.

As for Sahray and her loved ones, they are asking for privacy during this time. However, people are curious about the circumstances of the woman’s disappearance. After all, numerous people participated in ground searches and passed out flyers in hopes of locating the woman. Many people believed that Sahray had been abducted and/or killed after she vanished amid fears of a serial predator preying on Cal State coeds.

According to police, Sahray Barber was interrogated and explained to them why she put her laptop and other electronics under some bushes when she disappeared. While that information may or may not ever be made public, it’s evident that law enforcement officials are satisfied with her story. Meanwhile, they may file either criminal charges or civil charges against the two former persons of interest to try to recoup some of the money that was exhausted in the high-profile search for her.

Even though this case ended up being a voluntary disappearance, it must still be noted that the person behind the attacks on the Cal State campus has not been apprehended. So far there has been at least one attempted sexual assault and at least one attempted abduction of female coeds.

[Photo: Barber family via KTLA]

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