Alexis Marie Garcia: Alabama Teenager Allegedly Beaten To Death For Flirting With Friend’s 39-Year-Old Boyfriend

Alexis Marie Garcia was beaten to death in Alabama, and police say the teenager’s best friend was the culprit.

Garcia had been missing since the beginning of March, but this week investigators found her beaten and partially nude body in rural Alabama.

Police believe the Alabama teenager was beaten to death by her best friend, Samantha Wright, for flirting with Samantha’s boyfriend. She is now behind bars, and facing murder charges. Her boyfriend, 39-year-old Shannon Yager, has also been arrested for the slaying.

Investigators had been closing in on finding the body of Alabama teenager Alexis Marie Garcia. Four days after Garcia’s mother reported her missing on March 5, police received a call from Wright’s father who said she called him saying she woke up in a room covered in blood and no idea what had happened.

Wright told her father that she was walking with Yager and Garcia and believed “something bad” happened to her friend, but she didn’t know anything about the teen’s whereabouts.

Police later talked to two young teenagers who said Wright told them she had killed someone. The teens also said Wright detailed the incident, saying she passed out and then Garcia began to undress and make advances toward Yager. Wright awoke and was angry, so she she beat her friend unconscious, police records show.

When interviewed by police, Wright said that the three had been doing drugs on the night in question, including methamphetamine. Wright said she was wearing Garcia’s shoes and jeans during her interview with police — all items that were stripped from the dead teen’s body.

The murder of Alexis Marie Garcia in Alabama is reminiscent of another deadly love triangle. This summer, 18-year-old Brooke Slocum arranged a meeting with a 31-year-old man named Brady Oestrike. Brooke, who was eight months pregnant, allegedly arranged to have sex with Oestrike while her boyfriend, Charles Oppenneer, watched.

But the incident went much differently than they had expected. Police say that Oestrike kidnapped Slocum and kept her captive in his home, later killing her. Oppenneer’s headless body was found in a nearby park.

When police tried to search Oestrike’s home he fled in a car, and after getting into a crash he fatally shot himself.

Slocum’s father later blamed Oestrike, who he said forced Brooke into the bizarre arrangement. Brooke was desperate to keep him happy so he would stay to help raise their unborn child, Greg Slocum said.

“Even to meet men on Craigslist to make some money because her boyfriend was manipulative,” Greg told WOOD-TV. “She would put herself through hell just to make sure her family didn’t get divorced.”

The slaying of Alexis Marie Garcia in Alabama has led to capital murder charges for both Samantha Wright and Shannon Yager.

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