Are Ryan Edwards And Maci Bookout Getting Along? 'Teen Mom OG' Relationship Update

Lindsay Cronin

Ryan Edwards and Maci Bookout are at odds during the Teen Mom OG trailer, but how is the former couple's relationship off-screen?

During the trailer for the upcoming season of the MTV reality series, Bookout, her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, and her and Ryan Edwards' son, Bentley, were seen driving in their car to drop Bentley off with Edwards. However, when they arrived to the designated drop-off area, Edwards was nowhere to be seen.

After she called Ryan Edwards to find out where he was, he was seen in the car with girlfriend Shelby Woods, and allegedly Bookout never told him a time to meet. He then proceeded to call her a "dumb---," and hung up the phone.

At that point in their lives, which was likely shot about six months ago, Ryan Edwards and Bookout were clearly at odds, and according to a new interview, they don't appear to have made much progress, when it comes to their co-parenting relationship.

On March 20, Bookout revealed the following to TV Guide.

"The show does a good job of bringing up things I maybe push under the rug, so I just got so used to Ryan not being around and it was nice; we didn't have to argue. I communicated with his parents because, to me, they're the parents. But when we started filming again, it brings all that back out and makes me realize it's still an issue and I can't hide from it."
"Right now I don't put energy into trying to fix Ryan. I have a family I have to worry about. I also have to remember it's not about me, and I'm not always right, and it's about Bentley. Even if I might not like what Ryan is saying or asking for, if it's best for Bentley, I need to shut up and deal with it."

For more Ryan Edwards, tune into Teen Mom OG on Monday, March 23 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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