‘Deadpool’ Begins Filming, Confirms Morena Baccarin As Copycat?

If there’s an underdog story layered somewhere in the multi-billion-dollar industry of comic book films, it may very well be the Deadpool story.

Back in 2009, a little film called X-Men Origins: Wolverine was released to little critical and commercial fanfare. Considered one of the low points in the X-Men franchise, most fans were content to let it fade into oblivion, save for one little detail. In the film, Ryan Reynolds made a short-but-memorable cameo as Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool). The wise-cracking “merc with a mouth” was slated to spin off into his own film, but with the failure of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Fox wasn’t so canny to take a chance on such an edgy character.

Deadpool spent the next several years in development hell, and it was only after the test footage for the film was leaked that Fox began to reconsider the franchise’s viability. With the positive reception of the footage, and Ryan Reynolds proudly touting his interest in the project, Deadpool finally rose out of the proverbial ashes and was fast-tracked to production.

It’s now eight months later, and on Twitter, actor Ryan Reynolds has tweeted out the first “production image” of the project. The subject? His on-set chair, complete with the film logo and character name “Wade Wilson” ironed onto its back. It may not be the most interesting of photos, but does a lot to show how far Deadpool has come.

But Ryan Reynolds wasn’t the only one tweeting out photos. His co-star, Moren Baccarin, also tweeted out a photo of her chair, only her photo was a bit more revealing.

Let’s do this. pic.twitter.com/pNqcCGReSz — Morena Baccarin (@missmorenab) March 19, 2015

For those wondering what the big reveal is, we’ll go into a bit more depth.

About a month ago, THR reported on Morena Baccarin’s joining the cast of Deadpool. Unfortunately, there was no information on who exactly she’d be playing. Now that her name’s been revealed as Vanessa, Collider is reporting that it’s likely the Vanessa Carlysle, also known as Copycat.

“In the world of the comics, Copycat was a mutant shape-shifter who met and fell in love with Deadpool while working as a prostitute in Boston. When Deadpool learned that he had cancer, however, he broke up with Copycat, after which she became a mercenary herself.”

This reportedly makes sense, as the Deadpool flick is set to revolve around the aftermath of Wade Wilson’s cancer-curing procedure that leaves him physically scarred and imbued with superpowers.

Deadpool opens in theaters on February 12, 2016. Will you be there?