Kate Gosselin Abuse Allegations Worsen: Kids Locked In Rooms, Forced To Eat Moldy Food

It seems as though the initial reports of Kate Gosselin abusing the eight children she shares with ex Jon goes far deeper than previously thought, as reports of abuse allegations from Jon worsen.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, documents from 2010 detailing Jon Gosselin’s concern over Kate’s use of physical punishment have surfaced, showing that Kate allegedly spanked one of the children so hard that a “large red welt on her rear end” was found by Jon Gosselin the day after the incident occurred.

But Jon claims there are more instances of abuse and mistreatment of the Gosselin kids by mother Kate. The 2010 court documents also claim that Kate would lock the children in their bedrooms, and would refuse to let them out, even when they were in need of a bathroom. In addition, it seems as though Kate allowed the babysitter to do the same. Jon Gosselin claims that the children told him that Kate had “switched the doorknobs on the bedrooms so the doors only lock from the outside.”

Stating that the doorknobs and Kate’s alleged habit of locking the Gosselin kids in at night pose a fire hazard at the very least, the court documents declared, “Father is greatly concerned for the children’s safety.”

Jon claims that two of his children’s teachers informed him of the babysitter locking them into their bedrooms, from the outside, at night. The document, which was submitted to the Berks County, Pennsylvania Court, read, “the children told the teachers that they were scared and that Alexis had broken a mirror when she could not get out of her room to use the bathroom.”

At the time, the older girls, twins Mady and Cara, were 10-years-old. The younger children, sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Leah, Aaden, Colin and Joel were six years of age.

“The children also told the teachers that they were scared to tell Father about it because they did not want to get into trouble with Mother,” Jon’s attorneys noted in the court documents. Jon also claims that Kate told the children to not talk to any teachers about what happens inside the Gosselin home, as well.

Because of that, Jon’s attorney argued that Jon is “now not only concerned that the children will not come forward if something is wrong at home, but that they are being taught to lie.”

And, Jon Gosselin claims, when the kids were let out of their rooms in the morning and sent to school with their bagged lunches, the mistreatment continued.

“Mother must provide FRESH lunch each day for children. It has been observed by Father, and said by children that when they do not eat an item in their lunch, Mother packs that exact item the next day, and the next day until they eat it. Hannah reported having moldy strawberries, and Alexis said her sandwich is stale. Leah said she had some food left over from lunch for many weeks. This is unhealthy.”

It’s long been known that the divorce between Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin has been anything but amicable, with the two constantly firing back and forth at each other. What do you think of Jon Gosselin’s allegations towards Kate? Do you think any of the accusations qualify as abuse, or are they simply questionable moments in parenting? Or do you believe Jon at all, considering the history he has with ex-wife Kate?

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