‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Did Derek Cheat On Meredith?

Derek has not been seen lately on Grey’s Anatomy while he’s been working his new job in D.C. Although Meredith almost flew out to visit him, she ended up spending the weekend in a hotel by the airport. To make matters worse, when she called his phone to tell him about her streak of not losing a patient since mid-November, since the day he left, she got quite the surprise.

At the end of that Grey’s Anatomy episode, a woman answered Derek’s phone, and when Meredith demanded to know who she was, she hung up, raising suspicions that Derek could be cheating on Meredith. After that, you’d think that the next episode would deliver some kind of answer on the subject. Instead, for the entire episode, Meredith wondered if Derek was cheating on her while those around her – namely, Alex, Maggie, and Callie – chimed in with their opinions to the contrary, and nothing was really resolved.

Meredith thought the woman’s voice sounded like it belonged to a perky, happy, and tall person, and while Maggie and Derek tried to tell her that Derek wouldn’t cheat on her, Callie argued that no one will get in the middle of MerDer. Maggie had a few possible explanations for the woman on the phone, but Meredith reminded them all of how she and Derek first got together. He took a new job, moved to a new city, met a girl in a bar, and ended his marriage.

While some expected Derek’s return to possibly come (even just via phone call) when Amelia doubted herself during Dr. Herman’s surgery, that was not the case. Instead, it wasn’t until the final moments of the latest episode that Derek appeared on screen again, coming off like a guilty party, and Bustle said that the series seems to be trying to make him look that way on purpose.

Derek showed up at Meredith’s door and explained that he took the first flight because, as he put it, “you called me and a woman answered my phone,” as you can see in the clip from the episode below.

But is Derek guilty? All signs seem to be pointing to yes, from the phone call to Derek showing up at the house after catching the first flight to the promo for the next Grey’s Anatomy episode. As you can see below, according to Derek, he came home because they’re in trouble, and while Meredith saying she wishes she could believe him makes it sound like nothing happened in D.C. (probably), it could be that he may have put a stop to something before it could go too far or at the very least, something almost happened.

Now that Derek is home, however, is it for good, or will he end up returning to D.C.? Based on new spoilers from Entertainment Weekly, Meredith might need him in an upcoming episode dealing with a plane crash.

“The incident will cause Mer and Arizona in particular to suffer from PTSD once again, but they won’t be the only ones reeling from the event that took the lives of Lexie and Mark,” EW reveals.

Could that mean that Derek will be around as well, but since Grey’s probably wants to keep his status – and the status of his marriage – under wraps until this current storyline plays out on screen that they’re just not saying?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

[Image via ABC]