Luis Ortiz Wraps Up Filming For ‘Million Dollar Listing’: Will He Fall In Love?

Million Dollar Listing star Luis Ortiz has been filming the new season, and he is starting to learn the game of the hustling real estate agents in New York. Of course, in the beginning, he was struggling to keep up with the aggressive Ryan Serhant and the talented Fredrik Eklund. But now, Luis is getting his own clients who love him for who he is and how he produces results.

Luis Ortiz has been busy filming the show, but it sounds like fans will see more work than personal life on the show. Of course, Ortiz did show his ex-girlfriend in a previous season, as he went back to Puerto Rico to do some business and hang out with his family. Now, this Million Dollar Listing star is talking about what else fans can expect.

According to a new Facebook post, Million Dollar Listing star Luis Ortiz is done filming this upcoming season of Million Dollar Listing. The real estate agents have been filming for months, and they have just wrapped the season. Of course, a reunion show may still be filmed later on.

“It’s a wrap on Season 4!!! Wow! What a year this has been. Probably the most intense season I’ve been a part of. Everything I went through while growing up in this world, you’ll be able to see. This btw is the crew that has been with me wince the beginning! I love you all! April 15th 10pm on Bravo, let’s go!!” Luis Ortiz revealed on Facebook this morning as the crew wrapped up the production in Manhattan.

It sounds like Luis Ortiz will still be filming the show as a single man. Even though Luis has plenty of connections and has even dated a little bit, Ortiz doesn’t have a woman in his life. In other words, this season is not about falling in love for Luis Ortiz.

“I still have no girlfriend, so I can’t promise you one. The network would love for me to have a girlfriend, but listen, I don’t have one. I have to focus,” Luis Ortiz revealed about his relationship, adding, “I actually went out on a date and I treated that date as if she was my girlfriend, but with the understanding that that was it was up to them, until then, that was it.”

According to the Inquisitr, Luis Ortiz is very excited about this upcoming season, and he has been talking about it quite a bit on his social media pages.

Will you be watching the upcoming season to see how Luis Ortiz does in the busy real estate market?

[Image via Facebook]