Dakota Meyer: Bristol Palin’s Fiance Plays With Baby While Gun Sits On Nearby Table

Dakota Meyer, Bristol Palin’s fiance, has defended a photo on his Instagram account that depicts him playing with an infant while a gun sits unattended on a nearby table.

In the image, which was uploaded to Meyer‘s account, according to the Daily Mail, the Medal of Honor recipient holds up a child, whose name is Rowan, while a semiautomatic handgun can be seen laying on a table in the background. First highlighted by the satirical website Wonkette, the image of Meyer is roughly 16-months-old. One Instagram commenter noted the presence of the gun, prompting a response from Meyer.

“Just love the fact that there is a pistol laying on the little table behind you,” the user wrote.

“That’s just how we roll haha,” Meyer responded.

There is no lack of guns in Meyers’ other social media posts, as many of the images depict him holding or utilizing weapons. In one photo, he poses next to a target with an unidentified boy as both hold guns while in another, Meyer proudly displays a sign that reads “I Don’t Call 911.” Adorned with a gun on either side, the sign was reportedly a gift to Meyer from friends.

Earlier this month, Meyer made headlines when he proposed to Bristol Palin at a Rascal Flatts concert in Las Vegas. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the couple met when Meyer, a decorated veteran, appeared on Sarah Palin’s Amazing America.

In 2011, Meyer was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Barack Obama in a White House ceremony. He became one of the youngest living recipients of the honor, which was bestowed upon him for his actions while in combat in Afghanistan. During a 2009 attack, which occurred in the Kunar Province, Meyer was responsible for evacuating 12 people and providing cover for an additional 24 military personnel.

In the past, Meyer has stoked controversy on social media, as ABC News points out. Last year, when the FBI warned of possible ISIS attacks on U.S. Military personnel, it urged members to purge their social media accounts of any posts which could attract unwanted attention from the militant group. Meyer responded by taunting ISIS instead, posting an image of himself reading a book and holding a sword. Meyer also famously appeared in a photo with Sarah Palin in which the pair denounced Michael Moore.

In Kentucky, the state from which Dakota Meyer hails, it is legal to openly carry a gun even without a permit or license.

[Image: Instagram via the Daily Mail]

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