‘RHOBH’ Date: Brandi Glanville’s Dinner With 23-Year-Old Was ‘Creepy,’ Says Kyle Richards

The RHOBH date between Brandi Glanville and a 23-year-old Amsterdam local was a bit on the “creepy” side to her Real Housewives co-star, Kyle Richards.

On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5, Glanville was seen skipping the final cast dinner in Amsterdam in lieu of a RHOBH date with a much younger man. Speaking of the RHOBH date in her March 20 blog, Richards claimed watching the dinner take place was a bit “creepy.”

“Brandi was on a ‘date’ with Max’s friend. It all seemed creepy and strange, but I suppose Brandi would say (even though we’re four years apart in age) that I’m just a ‘Menopause Mama.’ To each his own.”

Throughout the last couple of episodes, prior to her RHOBH date, Glanville has insinuated her co-stars were much older than her. However, as Richards pointed out, there is only four years between herself and Glanville, which doesn’t seem like much considering Glanville went out on a RHOBH date with a man nearly two decades younger than she was.

While Glanville is 42, Richards turned 46 in January.

In addition to her comments on the RHOBH date, Richards also addressed Glanville’s time at the spa with her close friend, Yolanda Foster, who is 51, for the record.

“Brandi seems to not get what all the women are upset with her about. What Brandi didn’t see or hear is that we ALL told Lisa R. that it was wrong to throw the glass.”

During the scene in question, Glanville claimed her co-stars had double standards when it came to what was tolerated. For example, she claimed her fellow housewives didn’t bat an eyelash over Rinna’s wine toss at Kim Richards, but when she threw wine at Eileen Davidson, she was slammed for having bad behavior.

Richards went on to claim Glanville’s chat with Foster appeared to be more of a mother/daughter conversation than one between friends.

“It’s as if she’s talking to a teenager. It’s time for Brandi to grow up and take responsibility for her own actions and the consequences that come with them.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Glanville apologized for her RHOBH date shortly after Tuesday night’s episode aired. On Twitter, Glanville shared the following message with fans.

Following the RHOBH date, Glanville told fans her younger man would soon visit her in Los Angeles, but it is unclear whether or not that ever happened.

[Photo via Twitter]