Erik Walden, Girlfriend Attacked With Knife, Bat, And Gun By NFL Player’s Ex-Girlfriend, Erica Palmer [Video]

Erik Walden might be best known as the 29-year-old NFL player who serves as a linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts, but on Friday, it was news of an alleged attack by Walden’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his two children, Erica Palmer, that is making headlines, according to the Indianapolis Star.

The above video shows the mugshot of Palmer, who discovered Walden was seeing a new woman, reports 11Alive?. Erica waited in Walden’s off-season home until Erik arrived home with his girlfriend. Walden was able to wrestle the gun away from Palmer, but Erica still managed to hit Erik’s girlfriend in the arm with a bat, breaking her arm. To top off the madness, after police left, Palmer returned to the home and slashed Walden’s arm, cutting him.

However, according to Braselton Police, Walden was able to talk Erica down from using the gun, so a true tragedy was averted for the man whom the Dallas Cowboys drafted in the 2008 NFL Draft. As a result of her violent actions, Erica was arrested on six charges stemming from the incident. Although reports of the melee surfaced on March 20, police say the actual incident occurred on Saturday, March 14.

Authorities report that Palmer intentionally parked her car nearly eight city blocks from Walden’s home. She left their two kids in the vehicle and walked a mile to Erik’s house to break in and wait for him and his unnamed female companion, who weren’t at home at the time. The kids remained in the car while Erica waited for the father of her children to return home with the woman he was seeing.

It was nearly midnight when the couple returned home and the violence ensued. Although Erik planned to take his girlfriend to the hospital and eschewed an ambulance — perhaps to try and derail the online attention the incident is now receiving — Walden was surprised by Erica darting out of the woods again after initially running away, this time slashing him with a knife and cutting his arm. The authorities were able to find Palmer’s whereabouts by tracking her smartphone, and later arrested her. While Erica spends her time at the Hall County Jail, Erik has taken custody of their children for the time being.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Walden was previously hit with a one-game suspension during his time with the Green Bay Packers.

[Image: Erica Palmer Mugshot]

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