Burger King Perfume: Japan Set To Release Whopper-Scented Perfume

A Burger King perfume is coming to the market it Japan on April 1. According to U.S. News, Burger King has green-lighted a new fragrance for burger lovers — it smells like a Whopper. For one day only, customers will be able to buy a bottle of this scent, which will be sold in a limited quantity. For anyone interested in buying a bottle, it is going to run about $40 (5,000 yen) — but it is going to be totally worth it… for those who love Whoppers so much that they want to smell like one. The new scent is aptly named “Flame Grilled.” Sounds… tasty.

Interestingly enough, this has happened before. According to the Canada Journal, this is not the first time that Burger King has done such a thing. Back in 2008, the fast food giant released “Flame” which was a body spray. It’s unclear exactly how successful that release was, but BK is ready to give it another go. It’s unknown how similar the two scents will smell.

The Burger King perfume could become a worldwide thing, if the company felt like there would be a serious market for it. Naturally some people would just buy it to try it — or to sell it at a profit at a later date. Things that are unexpected (for lack of a better word) tend to cause quite a bit of chatter. And that’s probably good news for Burger King, even if their idea will undoubtedly come with a side of controversy.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, PETA had a major problem with the meat-scented fragrance back in 2008, and will likely be completely unimpressed this time around. However, Burger King is going for it. Apparently some backlash from PETA isn’t enough to stop them from making international news.

“Despite PETA’s attempts to thwart Burger King’s fragrance, the fast food chain stands to gain more attention than it already has this year, and Japanese customers are already excited about the upcoming promotion. The company’s fiercest rival, McDonald’s, continues to struggle with declining sales despite its recent ‘Share the Love’ campaign held in February.”

Would you buy the Burger King perfume? Do you think something like this would do well in the United States? Do you think that people who buy this perfume in Japan will try to sell it? Or will people actually wear it? Do you think a French fry scent would be more popular?

[Photo by Dave Rowland/Getty Images]