Justice Stephen Breyer Robbed By Machete Wielding Man

Don’t be surprised if Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer tries to outlaw machetes in the near future. A man with a machete broke into his vacation home in the West Indies last week and robbed Breyer, his wife, and their guests.

Boston.com reports that the machete wielding thief walked away with about $1000 in cash. A Supreme Court spokeswoman said that no one was hurt in the incident.

The robbery was reported to local police but so far no arrests have been made. Police believe that the robbery was a “crime of opportunity” and do not believe that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was specifically targeted in the attack.

CNN reports that the U.S. Marshals Service, which provides protection for high court members, was aware of the situation. spokesman Jeff Carter said:

“(We are) aware of the incident involving Justice Breyer on the Caribbean island of Nevis and (we are) assisting the Supreme Court Police and local law enforcement authorities with the investigation as needed.”

The FBI is also investigating the matter.

FBI spokesman Paul Bresson said:

“We are assisting the local police with their investigation.”

The Supreme Court is on recess this week. Stephen Breyer is expected to return to the United States on Friday before the court resumes next week.

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