21-Year-Old Spring Breaker Falls From Hotel Balcony To Death In Freak Accident

In a freak accident on Thursday morning, a 21-year-old spring breaker fell from a Padre South Hotel’s seventh floor balcony to her death as shocked friends watched on.

A spokesperson for the SPI police, Randy Smith, told reporters about the tragic incident, “It is believed that she was perched on the balcony wall, kind of resting and moved to adjust herself and slipped and fell to her death.”

At the same time, Judge Bennie Ochoa, added, “It was, you know, instantly. Once she hit she was gone there, like two seconds.”

He confirmed that the victim of the accident, Nereida Cruz from Los Fresnos, while on the spring break vibe was not drunk at the time she fell.

As Ochoa said, “It doesn’t look like there was any alcohol…but I did order an autopsy.”

One of the other spring breakers who was partying on the night, Byron, also spoke to reporters about what happened, “We were on the balcony, for an hour or two you know, just having a good time, talking chilling, and hearing that someone fell from the balcony, I’m thinking wow, we could have fallen.”

Smith said that the hotel’s structure had nothing to do with the death, “And it’s sad that it did happen. But, it has happened before in hotels with high rises and so it’s always something that people need to be aware of,” said Smith.

Another spring breaker, who was at the hotel at the time of the fall, also spoke to reporters, telling them, “We gotta think safety first, you know. We’re not going to go so overboard that we’re going to throw our lives away.”

A spokesperson for the city of South Padre Island, Adrian Rodriguez, said, “We do urge everyone to be alert, take precautions, be with friends and take care. We want everybody to make it safely home.”

Cruz’s body is still with the South Padre Island medical examiner, pending a gull autopsy.

[Image via La Copa Resort.]

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