Randy Quaid Sex Tape: Troubled Actor Releases His Own Adult Film & The World Reacts

Randy Quaid’s meltdown is just getting worse. The troubled actor released a series of sex tapes under his Vidme account that includes a lot of disturbing scenes. It’s obviously not as sexy as it sounds. The tapes feature him and his wife Evi Quaid, according to several reports.

This news comes a month after Quaid released a video protesting against Rupert Murdoch before simulating sex with his wife as she wears a mask of Murdoch’s face, says the Mirror.

The world has been reacting to Randy Quaid’s bizarre sex tapes. An insider told Gawker that the videos are “a wormhole to some alternative universe,” the New York Daily News wrote.

UPROXX also had some interesting things to say about Randy’s sex tape. The news site said that though there’s very little talking, there’s a lot of barking dogs in the background. The most recent video is titled “Actor Randy Quaid and Evi Quaid on the Art of SEX in a Hollywood Marriage Part 1.”

The news site went on to describe the remainder of Quaid’s sex tapes.

“The second and third videos include an intermission and a continuation of said sex tape. Quaid’s final upload (heh heh) is a trailer for the whole affair.

There’s not even a shred of doubt about what these videos entail. The Quaids aren’t being coy, nor are they fooling viewers into watching something else altogether. Combined, the videos’ 74 minutes and 30 seconds is all about Randy and Evi boning the hell out of one another.”

Or is it really? The Daily Mail hints that the Quaids are simulating sex in the videos. The news site reported that the couple simulated sex in a previous video below a photo of Murdoch. Randy Quaid said that Murdoch “still hadn’t thanked” him for starring in the 1996 film Independence Day.

The sex tapes are not sexual in nature, but are also violent in nature. They feature Quaid attempting to strangle his wife with a belt.

The media isn’t the only ones talking about Randy Quaid’s bizarre library of sex tapes. People on social media have been talking about it as well. Some were disturbed by the videos, while others refused to watch them.

Terry and Bill tweeted: “Randy Quaid uploaded a series of sex tapes of him having sex with his wife. Can you say, Fifty Shades of Gross?”

Another user named Deb, agreed with the grossness of the film. She tweeted: “I made the mistake of watching that Randy Quaid sex tape. There isn’t enough eye bleach in the world to help me unsee that. #nightTerrors.”

If you must see it, view it at your own risk. It’s sad to know that everyone can continue to watch the downward spiral of Randy Quaid.

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