Randy Quaid Posts His Own Sex Tape Online As Meltdown Continues

Troubled actor Randy Quaid has posted a series of sexually explicit videos online, in which he and his wife engage in intercourse under the watchful eye of Rupert Murdoch’s portrait, as the actor’s bizarre meltdown continues to unfold.

Quaid has posted several videos online, according to the Daily Mail, in the month since he uploaded a strange clip in which he simulated sex with his wife, Evgenia, who wore a mask of Rupert Murdoch. The latest video depicts the Quaids engaged in a series of sexual acts, including some of a violent nature, as Randy pretends to strangle his wife with a belt. The couple’s dog barks throughout the video, which drowns out much of what Quaid is saying during the sex tape, according to Gawker.

Randy Quaid, who is the older brother of actor Dennis Quaid, is famous for roles in Independence Day and Christmas Vacation, though in recent years he has been in the headlines for his odd behavior. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Quaids have asserted their belief that a Hollywood sect called the “Star Whackers” is attempting to kill them, one of several claims that have accompanied a series of bizarre online videos that depict the actor’s meltdown.

In a video posted in early February, Quaid railed against News Corp head Rupert Murdoch, whom he claimed has yet to thank him for his role in Independence Day.

“I helped media giants News Corp and Warner Bros Entertainment earn well over a billion dollars for the films Independence Day and Christmas Vacation,” Quaid asserted, before claiming that “Evi and I have been put through a living hell. A living hell of biblical proportions.”

Quaid and his wife are currently suing U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in an attempt to recover their passports, which were revoked after the couple fled to Canada three years ago, failing to appear in court over charges of vandalism. Quaid’s Vidme page, which hosts the sex tapes, includes a sidebar that implores fans to donate “$1.00 CASH to the ‘Evi and Randy Quaid Not For Profit Passport Fund.’ ”

Quaid has also accused Warner Bros. Entertainment of colluding with TMZ and the police in order to have he and his wife arrested multiple times. In his previous video, Randy Quaid further claimed that Rupert Murdoch has used the New York Post to spread “a pack of lies” about him.

[Image: Randy Quaid via the Daily Mail]

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