Valentine's eCards: Find the Best E-Gesture For Your Relationship

Kim LaCapria

Ugh, Valentine's Day is a holiday fraught with pressure- whether it's someone else's high expectations or your own- but in 2012, there are a lot of ways to show your affection without leaving your keyboard, and e-cards are one.

Of course, if your lover won't be satisfied with Valentine's eCards, you can also get some same day delivery of chocolates, flowers, and even sex toys if that's your bag. (Totally not judging.) But if you're just looking for a quick, "hey baby, I dig you," Valentine's eCards are where it's at.

If you've got a boy or girlfriend or husband or wife with a sense of humor, there are several destinations for such a gesture. Our friends over at Cracked have put out a series of cards in their inimitable style, with a post on 23 Painfully Honest Valentine's Day Cards, including this one:

Some eCards has also been up to their usual bitingly sarcastic shenanigans, with a ton of hilarious V-Day offerings, including the above pictured "Let's have a fiscally but not sexually conservative Valentine's Day" effort above. JibJab, maker of the viral, election cycle and Christmas "elf yourself" videos, also has a Valentine's ecard selection.

For traditionalists, the web is awash in animated, musical and generally acceptably sweet Valentine's eCards for your lover- or mom, or BFF or kids. American Greetings is a long-time supplier of Valentine's eCards to the web, and you can browse their selection here. Blue Mountain is another place where you can get family-friendly Valentine's eCards guaranteed not to offend the recipient.

Are you sending or have you received Valentine's eCards in 2012?